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Mammas Milk Stretch Adjustable Sling Giveaway

mamasmilklogoMammas Milk is well known for “Award-winning Baby Slings & Diaper Clutches” because of their finest selection of stylish gear, designer apparel, innovative products, unique gifts, and earth-friendly baby care that makes parenting look easy.


    • The only sling designed to adjust invisibly to give both parents a sleek look.
    • Built-in foam padding prevents red marks on baby’s legs and is the most luxurious available on the market.
    • Industrial-strength Aplix fastening system is the same material used in the NASA space program.
    • Handy toy loop perfectly located for a small toy or pacifier.
    • The style recommended by Dr. William Sears, author of The Baby Book
    • Scientifically proven to reduce crying by over 50%

[typography font=”Crimson Text” size=”18″ size_format=”px”]How would you like to win your Mammas Milk Stretch Adjustable Sling for your little one? Enter to win via Rafflecopter below…. [/typography]

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 [box type=”note” style=”rounded”]The giveaway is open to US and Canada residents, 18 years old above. We will choose the winner via, and the winner will be notified by email. The winner will have 72 hours to respond, and if there is no response another winner will be chosen. Please allow us 3-6 weeks for delivery.[/box]
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Protective Belly Blanket by Belly Armor Giveaway

As an expectant mother, you won’t have to worry about your laptop or cellphone harming your baby’s well-being. Why not consider our Protective Belly Blanket by Belly Armor? Luxurious cotton micro-fleece and satin together with our patented RadiaShield® fabric make this blanket a convenient and unobtrusive way to protect your unborn child. Easily portable in your handbag, this blanket is ideal for both the home and the office.

Belly Armor Chic Radiation Protection Blanket - $69
Belly Armor Chic Radiation Protection Blanket – $69

The highest quality baby-soft cotton together with the reliable protection of RadiaShield® Fabric make this blanket a convenient and unobtrusive way to protect your child within against the risks of everyday radiation. Easily portable in your handbag, this blanket is ideal for both the home and the office. You’ll forget this breathable protector is even there while having the peace of mind of RadiaShield® protection.

Instructions: During pregnancy, drape over your midsection while sitting or lying down.

Efficacy: 99.9% Shielding Effectiveness (~50dB).
Dimensions: 30 x 35 inches (75 x 90 cm)
Material: 100% pre-shrunk cotton and RadiaShield® lining
Care: Machine wash cold with similar colors. Air dry. Do not bleach.



[typography font=”Nobile” size=”20″ size_format=”px”]We are giving away ONE Belly Blanket in the color Cosmo/Blue to ONE lucky winner!  You and your baby will definitely stay comfy!  Please see below for rules on how to enter. Good luck![/typography]

a Rafflecopter giveaway

[box type=”note” style=”rounded”]The giveaway is open to US and Canada residents, 18 years old above. We will choose the winner via, and the winner will be notified by email. The winner will have 72 hours to respond, and if there is no response another winner will be chosen. Please allow us 3-6 weeks for delivery.[/box]
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NOW AVAILABLE: Mambino Organics Anti-Cellulite Total Rebound Kit

A Much Better Way
Anti-Cellulite Total Rebound Kit - $49.00
Anti-Cellulite Total Rebound Kit – $49.00

[tabs style=”boxed”] [tab title=”Features”]Indulge yourself in this deluxe at-home spa treatment with our best cellulite fighters powered by nature, to firm up and smooth your skin to look its best, ever!

Did you know that cellulite is not a result of to much fat in the body but weakening of the skin cells and connective tissue. Smooth skin depends on strong, active blood vessels, adequate hydration and right balance of nutrients.
1: exfoliate Mandarine Creme Organic Body Wash ~ 2 oz / 60 ml. 
Apply a small amount onto a damp loofah or sponge and massage onto your skin. You may also add your favorite body scrub to further intensify the exfoliation process. Then rinse.
2: firm Cellufit Body Contour Oil ~ 5 oz / 150 ml.
On damp skin, massage Cellufit Body Contour Oil into your skin with moderate pressure, toward the heart in a circular motion to break up cellulite. For best results, use twice a day for the first two weeks. Do not rinse.
3: stimulate Cellulite Body Massager with strap.
Our specially designed Cellulite Body Massager awakens the skins surface and circulation to help move fat-trapping fluids out and enhance product application deep into the dermal layer. Massage in a circular motion for 5-10 minutes, concentrating on cellulite specific areas.
4: tone & hydrate Moisture Me Body Toning Oil ~ 2oz / 60 ml.
Apply a generous application of Moisture Me Body Toning Oil to boost skin radiance and seal in moisture with natures most powerful nutrients from pomegranate, golden jojoba and sea buckthorn fruit extracts.

[/tab] [tab title=”Benefits”]

  • Helps repair skin tissue
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Promotes heathy circulation to remove cellulite-causing fluids
  • Restores skin hydration and smoothness

[/tab] [tab title=”Reviews”]Read or write your own reviews here.[/tab] [/tabs]

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Chewbeads New Stanton Bracelet, Stack and Play and Madison Jr. Necklace



chewbeads logo  Stanton Bracelets —> 100% silicone teething jewelry. Inspired by babies, worn by moms. Link bracelet made of a 100% silicone solid band. Bracelet has a slight stretch to fit all size wrists.

Colors available:

chewbeads logoStack and Play – Peace, Love, Star —> 100% silicone stack and play toy. Modern design inspired by babies. Shapes are flexible and soft on babies gums and emerging teeth.

 Comes in box as shown.
Comes in box as shown.

chewbeads logoJuniorbeads Madison Jr. Necklace (Glow in the Dark) —>100% silicone children’s jewelry. Glow in the Dark Beads. Colorful, chic, and free of unwanted chemicals.

Children's Jewelry, Ages 3+
Children’s Jewelry, Ages 3+

 [box size=”large” style=”rounded”]Click here to buy Chewbeads at![/box]


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New Style Available: Life Circles Stone and Wood Nursing Necklace

Wood Ring and New Jade Pendant
Wood Ring and New Jade Pendant

Nursing necklaces by Life Circles Necklaces are safe and strong necklaces for moms! All Life Circles Necklaces products are handmade with care using natural materials – no plastics or toxic resins!

Why wear a nursing necklace?

  • Keeps baby’s hands occupied while breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or babywearing
  • Prevents pinching and pulling of caregiver’s hair or clothing
  • Distracts wiggly baby during diaper changes
  • Soothes sore gums when mouthed by teething baby
  • Acts as a comfort item when worn by babysitter or unfamiliar caregiver

This nursing necklaces features a 2.25 inch diameter natural wood ring and bead, new jade stone, and cotton cord. The wood is either Birch or Maple grown in North America. Wear it short or long – adjustable cord allows you to lengthen for nursing sessions and then shorten for everyday wear.

Life Circles Necklaces are the perfect accessory for the mother of a baby or small child. They are made of all natural and simple materials, with no sharp edges or harmful chemicals, and are strong enough to withstand tugging without breaking.Life Circles Necklaces are great gifts for mothers, mothers-to-be, or anyone who enjoys beautiful yet simple jewelry made from natural materials. Each necklace is handmade with care.


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Check the Snuggy Baby Wrap New Styles

Snuggy Baby wraps have everything that you could want in a baby wrap; comfort, support, and style. Below are the new styles available on our store.

fantasy rainbow
Snuggy Baby New Styles


Fantasy Garden Baby Wrap

It has a decorative panel that has a bright floral print that has yellow, blue, pink and purple flowers one a burgundy wine background.


[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]

Rainbow Chevron Baby Wrap

The decorative panel has blue, green, yellow, orange and brown chevron stripes against a white background.




This baby carrier is completely adjustable so one size fits all. It works between various care givers of all body types. Because you create a custom fit every time you tie it on, the carrier grows with your child, ensuring that they get a comfortable secure fit from the time that they come home until you are ready to stop carrying them (generally around 35 lbs.).

Watch this video for full instructions on how to tie the Snuggy Baby wrap to carry your baby in the front position.

[box type=”info” style=”rounded”]Read reviews here.[/box]

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Book Giveaway: “Cut, Stapled and Mended” by Roanna Rosewood

Cut, Stapled, & Mended launched on April 30th, quickly rising to the top of the Amazon Bestseller list and becoming #1 in four different categories: Motherhood, Pregnancy and Childbirth, Women’s Health, and Women’s Studies!


Cut, Stapled, & Mended is for everyone who has given birth, will give birth, or loves someone who will give birth. It’s for women’s health practitioners and women’s rights advocates. Really, it’s for everyone who has ever been born because birth matters. It influences who we are and how we perceive the world. Just ask any elderly mother, one who might otherwise be a forgetful. Chances are she will be able to recount birth in vivid detail because birth matters.


Check out our interview with Roanna Rosewood at An Interview With Roanna Rosewood, Author of “Cut, Stapled and Mended”

Fill out the easy entry form below and you could win a signed copy of this great book.

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Sckoon Hip hugger Padded Sanitary Panties


[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Hip hugger style padded sanitary panties made of certified organic cotton. Suitable for daily needs as a pantyliner or as back up to a menstrual cup or Sckoon Organic cloth menstrual pads. Because their crotch part is padded with layers of certified organic cotton and an ultra thin polyurethane sheet, they are absorbent, cushy and super comfortable. Recommended for lighter flow, average flow, or even heavy flow when used as a backup to a menstrual cup or menstrual pads. They can be worn on their own without cloth menstrual pads for lighter flow, and even useful for light incontinence.

The padded crotch can absorb 30 – 50 ml.[/twocol_one_last]