Lusa Organics Belly Balm


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Pamper your growing belly with nourishing ingredients like olive oil, jojoba, shea, and rose hips in LuSa Organics Belly Balm for pregnant, growing tummies.

Stretch and grow.

What we put on our bodies we put in our bodies Never does that feel more important than during pregnancy. Treat your body to a daily dose of deep moisture without funky ingredients. Because you – and your baby – deserve safe, healthy body care.


*Olive oil, *shea butter (fair trade), *jojoba oil, *beeswax, *calendula (local), *rose hips, *marshmallow root, *lavender, and lavender essential oil.

*organic ingredient


  • Massage Belly Balm into your belly, thighs, breasts, and hips. Use daily, as often as desired. After pregnancy use any remaining Belly Balm as a nourishing moisturizer.