Chewbeads Zodiac Teether


100% silicone teething ring. Modern design inspired by babies.

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Adorable and durable, Zodies Teethers from Chewbeads are stylish and safe baby teething rings that feature all 12 Zodiac signs! For thousands of years, people have been assigned a zodiac sign that corresponds to the date they were born. Some believe these signs can tell us about a person’s characteristics, talents and even their future. Babies born between March 21 and April 19 are an Aries – said to be active, ambitious and determined. Born between June 21 and July 22? You’re a Cancer, likely emotional, impulsive, and intense.

Whether you believe Zodiac signs can really tell us something, or you simply enjoy reading your fortune for fun, Zodies Teethers are a unique and stylish way to keep your baby happy. From eye-catching Gemini teethers to soothing Sagittarius teethers, we’ve got them all! And like all Chewbeads, these 100% silicone teething rings are both fun and soft on baby’s gums and emerging teeth. Browse our complete selection to find the right sign for your baby, or the perfect gift for a baby shower!

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Aquarius-Pink, Aquarius-Turquoise, Aries-Pink, Aries-Turquoise, Cancer-Pink, Cancer-Turquoise, Capricorn-Pink, Capricorn-Turquoise, Gemini-Pink, Gemini-Turquoise, Leo-Pink, Leo-Turquoise, Libra-Pink, Libra-Turquoise, Pisces-Pink, Pisces-Turquoise, Sagittarius-Pink, Sagittarius-Turquoise, Scorpio-Pink, Scorpio-Turquoise, Taurus-Pink, Taurus-Turquoise, Virgo-Pink, Virgo-Turquoise