Customer Rewards FAQ

How do I sign up?

Create a store account with us.

How do I earn?

  • Shop: Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend 
  • Refer: Earn 100 points for every new customer you refer with your own custom link
  • Reviews: Earn 25 points for every product review (details)
  • Locals only: Join our Stateline Locals Facebook Group for other ways to earn

How do I redeem?

You can redeem your points in store or online.  Make sure to log in to your account before shopping online or tell the cashier you are a loyalty member before making in store purchases.

  • 225 points = $10
  • 500 points = $30
  • 750 points = $50
  • 1000 points = $75

What about past orders?

Since the program is new, we will be issuing points for past orders to give our current customers time to sign up for the program.  Points for past orders will be added manually.  If you paid with a credit card in the same name online or in store, we can probably find your orders in our system.  If you paid cash in the store we will need a receipt to locate your order to issue the points. Don't be afraid to speak up if you think you are missing points.  We will do the best we can to get everyone settled. We will discontinue issuing points for past orders July 1, 2015 so please sign up before then if you would like credit for your past order.

Do I get points for buying gift cards?

At this time, yes.  We want to encourage you to buy your friends and family gift cards to our store for baby showers and new baby presents.  We also want gift card recipients to get points for shopping at our store to encourage them to come back.  Under no circumstances can you spend a gift card you purchased and get double points.  If you is caught using a gift card purchased in the same household, even under a second account, all points will be removed from the accounts and  we will remove you from the loyalty program permanently.

Can I transfer my points?

Points are not transferable but you can use points to purchase a gift card which you can gift to whomever you choose.


Register for an account now and start earning points!