Toys are something that your children handle frequently, fall asleep with, carry around, take on trips, throw at their siblings and stick in their mouths.  For that reason you want something absolutely non toxic to keep your little one as safe as possible. Ubiquitous plastic toys that you find in all the big stores are filled with all sorts of nasty stuff plus it was hard on the earth to make and it will never decompose when you are done with it.  You do have choices and you will find them here.  

Wooden toys with safe paint, silk toys that encourage the imagination and organic plush toys line our virtual shelves and give you options that you wont mind letting your baby handle, will look good in your room and will go easy on mother earth.

Popular brands include Sarahs Silk, Melissa and Doug, Haba, Under the Nile, Sckoon and Plan Toys.

Eco Friendly & Non Toxic Toys

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