Baby Wraps are one of the most comfortable styles of baby carrier you can use.  Wraps are a very long (15 feet or so) piece of fabric that you wrap around your body for the baby to ride in.  It may seem intimidating but in reality, once you learn to wrap, it will be second nature and take less than a minute to put on. Wraps are absolutely terrific for breastfeeding. Wraps come in two styles, stretchy and woven.  The stretchy wraps, (like a Moby or Boba) are extremely comfortable and because of the stretch, you can put your baby in and out of the wrap as needed through the day.   Unfortunately because of that super comfortable, convenient stretch, the stretchy wraps also have a limited lifespan because heavier babies start to sag.  Stretchy wraps are perfect for birth to 6-9 months of age. The woven wraps are woven in a way that they mold around the baby without the stretchy fabric.  The learning curve is a little steeper but after using a stretchy wrap, a woven one will be easy peasy.  A woven wrap can last through toddlerhood.


Woven & Stretchy Wraps

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