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Buy Snuggy Baby Wrap at Betterra!


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Snuggy Baby wraps have everything that you could want in a baby wrap; comfort, support, and style. Snuggy baby wraps are made with 100% cotton knit fabric. This is a much more supportive material than your average wrap.

This baby carrier is completely adjustable so one size fits all. It works between various care givers of all body types. The wrap measures 5 1/2 yards long. All of the edges have been carefully surged for a finished look. The tail has been tapered so you have a trim knot when you tie the wrap.


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1 thought on “Buy Snuggy Baby Wrap at Betterra!

  1. These baby wraps look really comfy. My wife did have a look at it and has given me the task of choosing color and design. They look so good, it’s confusing.

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