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Second Pregnancy: Will It Be The Same as The First One? 2

From "Answer: Most likely, it won’t. Most women find out that their second pregnancy differs from first one. As a rule, if there are no complications and special problems with health, second pregnancy proceeds easier, than first one. Nevertheless, it’s better for you to plan your second pregnancy in 2-5 years after delivery of your first baby. During this period your organism will be able to restore completely after bearing, delivery and breastfeeding of a baby." Most experts readily agree that a second pregnancy differs from the first in many aspects. Usually you will show sooner due to abdominal muscles that have been stretched out from the first pregnancy. The pregnancy can also be more difficult physically because you may be carrying a toddler on one hip. Proper posture is much more important if you are caring for a toddler to avoid back problems. One of the positive points of a second time pregnancy is that many of the worries and concerns of a first time mother are no longer concerns. You already know what to expect and what is a valid concern. You have the opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Many mothers learn from their horrific hospital births to take matters into their own hands and have a midwife assisted home birth or an unassisted birth. By and large this allows for a peaceful, gentle pregnancy and a blissful, pleasurable childbirth.