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For those of you who are not aware of the controversy, Motrin put out an online "ad" which in all likelihood was simply a publicity stunt, which basically mocked babywearing. The ad would appeal to more mainstream parents who have a preference for strollers and a more detached parenting styles, but feel compelled to make an attempt at babywearing because so many celebrities are doing it and many major retailers now carry slings and carriers and somebody, somewhere is wearing a baby every where you look. The fact is, however that babywearing has very real psychological and physiological benefits for both baby and mom and that is precisely why it has grown in popularity, rather than simply being a "trend". It is an offensive ad but as they say, there is no such thing as bad press, right? I know I will never buy a Motrin product. Check out this great post on the Motrin/babywearing issue and then watch the original video and a couple of great comeback videos that started twitter and the blogosphere afire a few days ago: The original Motrin moms anti-babywearing video that caused all the ruckus:

The best comeback of all:

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  • nelly

    Wow! it’s all I could say to this… are they Not Crazy?
    I was officially very upset about this… I’m so proud of all the moms who have come together with a response to this.
    I specially LOVE you best come back tube, how kool!

    I’m a mother of two and life is not possible without my baby carrier, how crazy! what they expect you to do?? to lay around to tend to your children, or keep going with your life and making their life more fun?
    Oh wait that lady on speaking on that ad, must have a nanny who provides all the love and care her children need… is she even a real mom? were there even any moms involved in this ad??
    Shame on you MOTRIN!

  • Glenn Ordell
    Glenn Ordell

    I’m simply amazed that Motrin, or any other company, would create these types of advertisements. I wish I had the credentials of a PH.D. or M.D. to back up my point of view—but sadly I only have a lowly BA in Psychology.

    Yet, based upon my knowledge of how our species evolved, baby carrying was simply a necessary and natural practice. When our ancient ancestors roamed about, they seldom stayed in the same place for a long period of time. Hence, equipment to carry babies was not yet available at Wal-Mart or K-Mart :-) Mom’s mad their own, using materials at hand, which varied from region to region.

    Perhaps the best and most recent examples of these practices comes from the original Americans (now known as native Indians.) Although designs were undoubtedly different between different tribes, or even Indian nations, the basic concept was in place hundreds of years before any person or European extraction habitated the North American continent.

    It is my personal belief that practices that were widely adopted by native Americans were based upon common sense and a simple use of intelligence. They didn’t have access to Motrin!!!

    In addition, I see some other benefits to women who have had a child. And of course, many benefits to the child. Bonding is extremely important, and baby carriers are a simply, easy way of achieving that goal.

    If anything, Motrin should have run an ad suggesting to Congress that any Mom who DIDN’T use a baby carrier should be accused of child abuse. Please forgive me for this “reductio ad absurdum.”

    So my thoughts are these: Motrin wanted to convince mothers NOT to use baby carriers in the hope that by doing so the mothers would have a greater need for their product. (After all, what better way of improving the physical abilities of a Mom than to carry her baby???)

    It should also be duly noted that the high-priced ingredients used in the over-priced Motrin product can be obtained in many different generic forms (just start reading labels) at a fraction of the price. So if you really need Motrin, consider the alternatives that will save you a tremendous amount of money.

    Motrin is no magic pill, no matter what their advertising would like to make you think. I haven’t personally done any market studies on the price to value ratio of this particular product to the generics, but I suspect the ratio is at minimum 10 to one, and perhaps as much as 100 to one. Meaning that if a bottle of Motrin costs $5.00 you can probably purchase an exact duplicate, in generic form, for between five and fifty cents (based on the number of tablets in a given bottle.) Generics usually contain a fair greater number of the same medication, so you can expect to pay about the same amount of money for 10 to 100 times the same number of pills.

    For example, you can purchase a bottle of three hundred “AllerClear” at Costco under the Kirkland name for about the same price as twenty tablets of the “brand name” equivalent—Claritin.

    WOW! Shouldn’t that one make you wonder?

    Perhaps the original Motrin ad should have carried the lines: “Distance yourself from your child, decrease your physical fitness, guarantee that your child will become far less emotionally stable, and pay us money for our product that will help make this all possible.”

    So I think everyone out there should purchase a bottle of Motrin, and send it back to the chief executives of that firm, suggesting where exactly they should put their product, which would not require swallowing it with any liquid.

    I hope I haven’t offended anyone except for the idiots that are selling Motrin, but maybe if write to them they will replace your bottle of Motrin with a bottle of snake oil???

    Finally: Mother’s should be given awards for taking upon themselves the responsibility of keeping their children close to their hearts. Based upon what I’ve read, any child who gets to hear or feel the heart-beat of their mother turns out to be a more stable, caring and trusting person. So if for no other reason, why not use a baby-carrier?

    Once again, I submit that I am no expert on this subject, and lack any of the credentials to make any medical or psychological recommendations, but I do believe that if you do a little research on your own, you will find a large number of experts who will agree with most or all of my thinking on this subject.

    Aloha from Hawaii,

  • Natural Parenting
    Natural Parenting

    @lisa@Black Friday Woodbury Commons:

    I agree with you. The original video was rude and condescending but nothing I would have gotten overly hyped over personally. I absolutely love the boob video. I have shown it to everyone I know. :)

  • lisa

    I have to say I think people got WAY too worked up over this (yes I have two kids) but that said, the boob video is effin brilliant!

  • Natural Parenting
    Natural Parenting


    I couldn’t live without my baby carriers either, especially as a single mom. There is just NO way. Like so many other AP choices, babywearing is simply indispensable to my sanity.

    I think “they” expect you to stick your kid in a swing, bouncy seat, playpen, crib or stroller to go about your business rather than keeping them close to your heart. It’s all about the $$$$$.

  • Ryan

    the more controversial the video is, the more people will likely watch it.

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