What is Tantric Eye Gazing?

Eye Gazing Eye gazing is the practice of staring into the eyes of a partner or yourself via a mirror. It is an ancient tantric practice that will dramatically increase intimacy with your partner by allowing a view of your deeper self and also allowing a powerful exchange of energies. Eye gazing is a natural for new lovers and young children but modern lifestyles, a need to focus on other things and multi-task and objectification of humans decreases our inclination and ability to gaze into the eyes of another. Eyes truly are the window to your soul, so if you want to really know yourself or your partner, try this beautiful, moving experience that Rumi calls "consciousness of union" and brings many to tears.
"When eye contact between two people is initiated and maintained, an invisible energetic circuit is established between the two participants, dissolving the barriers that ordinarily separate them from each other, drawing them ever closer into a shared awareness of union." Will Johnson EyeGaze.co.uk
Eye gazing is incredibly powerful and most people are so disconnected from their true spiritual side, that eye gazing can be a very weird and uncomfortable experience initially and many people are simply unable to do it. It takes practice and determination, a willing partner to overcome initial feelings of vulnerability, overwhelming emotions and even strange phenomenon such as morphing faces. Why Practice Eye Gazing? Eye gazing is an extremely intense experience that does not allow hiding or aversion because it is a direct soul connection. External issues disappear as well as physical boundaries between partners as the separateness dissolves and you melt into each others soul. There is a spiritual component to eye gazing as well because many believe a spirit or "god" to live within us, so this is an opportunity for us to see the embodiment of the divine. In the context of lovemaking, eye gazing should be mandatory. Without eye contact, lovemaking is merely sex, devoid of love or a spiritual connection and it adds that certain element that creates love, bonding and intimacy and allows both parties to feel fulfilled. How to Practice Eye Gazing? Your left eye is known as the most direct window to your soul. Therefore, when eye gazing, stare in your partners left eye, or the eye on the right side of your partners face from your point of view. Your partner should do the same with you.
Intercourse without eye contact is like a meal without food. You will always leave hungry.
"Eye gazing sessions often take participants on a journey through a variety of experiences which might include; great stillness and calm, waves of sadness / loss / grief, extraordinary light reversals and colour changes, strong tactile body sensations, fits of euphoric laughter, ecstasy etc. The more we can accept and surrender to whatever comes up the deeper we are able to go and thus the richer our experience will be." Eyegazing.co.uk Eye gazing can be practiced with anyone who desires a deeper connection. It does not have to be a sexual partner or a sexual experience. You can practice eye gazing by sitting across from your partner without touching, while holding hands or while making love. As you become comfortable with eye gazing, you can amplify the experience by practicing synchronized breathing with your partner or by placing your right hand on each others hearts and left hand on your own for a magnificent energy transfer. (For more details on synchronized breathing, the energy transfer circle and heart touching, visit TantraSoulGazing.) Variations of Eye Gazing Eye gazing can have tremendous therapeutic and healing benefits due to the powerful energy transfer and if practiced for any length of time, it is common for emotional pain to surface, which the participant can feel and release in a gentle yet powerful way.
"Because the eyes are universally acknowledged to be the windows to the soul, when we hold the gaze of another, we hold and cradle his or her soul. This most intimate of acts is reserved as a privilege for people who love and trust one another." TouchingSA
Eye gazing is also a moving and enlightening experience when practiced solo. It is also an excellent way to get to know yourself, your inner self and also to become comfortable with eye gazing. Start out by gazing at your own face in the mirror to try to see the little nuances about yourself that others see. Eventually gaze into your own left eye for as long as you are able. Go as deep as you can. You can also practice basic eye contact which is lost on many adults today. You will quickly see how uncomfortable people become with this level of intimacy but many will be drawn to the inner you and your confidence level. Be sure to keep your facial features neutral so you don't come across as creepy or underhanded. Eye gazing is even replacing speed dating as an even quicker "get to know you", because people found that the trite conversation of speed dating never let them get to know the other person. Some find it weird and disconcerting, but it seems to be taking off in larger cities such as New York and San Francisco so perhaps people are finally reaching out for the deeper connection that has been lost for so long. Additional Resources: http://eyegazing.tribe.net Spiritual Secret Dance Healing Through Eye Gazing Image Source: http://flickr.com/photos/philipgibbs/1201147598/

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  • Mary Ann
    Mary Ann

    This eye contact as described happened to me and a church usher just recently and I do hope to see him again. I felt melting into his soul and hope he felt the sme melting in his soul. What an experience

  • Balbir Singh Bakhshi
    Balbir Singh Bakhshi

    Could you kindly let me know what is the mystry.
    An old Priest in the Temple had been gazing at me for the last about 2 years whenever he found me in the Temple. This has caused me immense physical harm including darkness in my left eye which has lost half of the vision permanently.
    Whenever I see this Priest, darkness appears before my eyes. Doctor say it is glaucoma but there are some symptoms which are not explained.
    Could you kindly guide me which is the best remedy to remove this evil effect?


  • Priyantha

    More fruteful presantation.
    Is there any method (may be mantra or any practice) to develop eye gazing.

  • kuldeep lohan
    kuldeep lohan

    eye gazing is the best way of feeling one another’desire.it is the deeper connection between two souls

  • Arvin

    For me looking into the eyes is really sexy. Eye to eye contact is like fusing as one when in the state of love making.

  • tempo dulu
    tempo dulu

    The eyes are the window to the soul – not surprising because they are actually part of the brain! So greater appreciation of them, means greater intimacy. So don’t turn the lights off when you do it!

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  • NJ Reynolds
    NJ Reynolds

    I was born blind in my left eye. I have heard that left eye contact is essential for building intimacy, and also in infant emotional/cognitive development (left eye contact between mother and infant). I have had trouble connecting on an intimate level with others most of my life. Where can I learn more about left eye contact, what I might be missing, and how I can make up for this deficiency?

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