The Sex Chakra

Sex Chakra "Svadisthana: the sex chakra or the Sacral Chakra is located just below the belly button. It governs our creativity, our ability to give and receive, our sexuality, our sense of sensuality and fulfillment, and of course, procreation." Chakras; To practitioners of tantric sex, it is no mystery that chakras are the energy centers of our bodies. Since the late 1950's when Eastern philosophies began infiltrating Western culture, terms like "chakra" have become common in our language. The significance that these energy cores play in our body's vitality, however, and more specifically, our sexual vitality, seems to be overlooked by most westerners. This article addresses the role that they play in energizing our sex lives. It also provides a simple means in which to stimulate the one associated with sex. There are seven chakras that run vertically from the bottom of our pelvis, through the core of our bodies, to the roof of our heads, or crown. The path they follow generally parallels the layout of the pituitary glands. The glands that are most relevant to our sex lives are, of course, the sex glands; ovaries in women, and testes in men. If a person learns to increase the energy flow through, and around, the chakra associated with the sex glands, then it stands to reason that one's sex life can become more vitalized and energetic. Exercises able to stimulate it, and all the other ones, are a must for any guide to tantric sex.
"A faltering sex chakra may result in impotence, frigidity, hypertension, and a seat on the Republican National Committee. Conversely, those with wide-open sex chakras tend to be highly creative--sometimes geniuses--though too often their brilliance is overshadowed by lewd public displays with power tools." Exploring the Chakras;
  In order to stimulate the it, and increase it's energy flow, it is helpful to understand a little about it's characteristics. First, they all have a color associated with them. The color of the one related to sexual activity is orange. It also has a sound with which it resonates. The sound is "vam". There are specific emotions connected to each one. The sex chakra can make you feel undesirable and inhibited, or sexy and alive, depending on the energy flowing from it. Here is a simple exercise to stimulate your sex chakra: Sit upright and cross-legged on the floor, or comfortably in a chair. Close your eyes. Relax your body, and breathe deeply. Allow your imagination to follow your inhaled breath. With each breath imagine the air traveling deeper into your body until it finally reaches your pelvis. Do this for several breaths. Now imagine that a warm, orange glow surrounds your sex organs. Feel the warmth as it grows and glows around those organs. After a few minutes hum the "vam" sound. Combine the sound with the orange glow. Continue this for two or three minutes. Finally, imagine yourself to be sexy and alive. Experience this feeling deep within your being. Enjoy this feeling as long as you desire. When you are ready, allow the color, the sound, and the picture of your sexy, alive self to fade. Relax. When you rise and return to your here and now, that chakra will be energized, your sex glands "irrigated", and you will feel sexier and more alive. "The purity that is reflected in ones consciousness when the sex chakra is clean means, that one lives a positive life, a life without complaining and reproaching to others, a life where one lives in accordance with the truth of life: that one is creating ones own consciousness - either as a positive or a negative impression of the world that one lives in." Chakras: The Hara Chakra; For further investigation into the chakras and sexuality you may want to visit - Tantric Sex Author: Norman Prescott About the author: Norman Prescott teaches and practices tantric sex in Ashland, Oregon where he resides with his long-time girlfriend/life-partner.

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  • Samuel

    I posted on this topic myself today, and it was great to see your take on it Norman. – juicygurlz

  • Cody Spierenburg
    Cody Spierenburg

    hahahaha, republican national committee. too good!

  • Laura

    I think I have just discovered why women who have complete hysterectomies have such problems.
    Question if anyone knows:
    If a woman has no ovaries does this opening exercise still work?
    Ahhh,gonna incorporate it anyway.

  • mani

    It is a new information for me.after reading this it came to know how sex chakra can improve our sexual life and what is the role of colors in sexual relaxation.thanks for such a kind of great information.keep it up….

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