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Should Vegans be Adding Brain Boosters to their Diet? 20

vegan dietSuccess and intelligence are essential to getting ahead in the competitive business world today, and children and college students find those attributes to be very important when it comes to their academics, too. However, in order to retain your sharp-witted sense throughout the years, you need to find ways to boost your brain power. While many rely on prescriptive methods to get an edge on the overachievers, you’ll find natural methods such as nootropics to be more beneficial.

What are Nootropics? The term was coined back in the 1960s by Romanian chemist Corneliu E. Giurgea. In order to qualify as a nootropic, the drugs should be able to boost the body’s ability to learn, memorize and provide protection to the brain from injuries. It should also have no toxicity, stimulant or sedative effects. The natural substances in these drugs can also increase the brain’s neurotransmitter count, activate nerve growth and increase the supply of oxygen that reaches the brain. Natural nootropics can enhance the brain's abilities to function through essential vitamins, minerals and herbs. From B6, bacopa and amino acids to huperzia serrata, vinocetine and ginko biloba, you’ll find this natural substance improves brain health and cognitive aptitudes. Scientifically synthesized nootropics work similarly to their natural counterparts and include products such as racetums and noopept and piracetums. Nevertheless, individuals need to do their research before taking any chemical or synthetic nootropic.

The Many Benefits of Nootropics The long-term benefits of nootropics are plentiful, and they begin by helping to improve the brain’s abilities to function well beyond old age. From enhanced alertness and a rise in attention to sustained focus and improvements in memory, these substances can give an individual the smarts that they need to succeed and function throughout life. They are also essential to people as they age, especially seniors. Since the memory declines as a person ages, nootropics can aid in cognitive functioning and help alleviate symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The right nootropics can also elevate a person’s mood, energy and reduce stress and anxiety.

Adding Nootropics to a Vegan Diet Natural nootropics are easy to obtain when you follow a healthy diet. However, some may think that consuming “smart foods” aren’t a part of a vegan diet. Vegetables and fruits such as broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots, corn, spinach, blueberries, grapefruit, avocado’s, cherries, bananas and prunes are vegan-friendly and part of a brain boosting diet. Whole-grains such as brown rice, quinoa, oats and barley are just as important. While vegans stay away from meat and fish, you'll find that nuts, seeds, beans and dark chocolate are just as satisfying and healthy for consumption. Creative ways to add the foods naturally can include green or fruit smoothies, sweet potato hash, curried quinoa and dark chocolate mousse for dessert. In addition to consuming a healthy diet, natural supplements can also be added to a vegan diet to help obtain the benefits of nootropics. Taken separately, ginkgo biloba, huperzine, bacopa monnieri, vinpocetine and lion’s mane can all help improve the functions of the brain. However, you can also stack the supplements safely when you combine them based on your own specific needs. There are also products on the market today that do this for you and include Alpha Brain, Focus Factor and BrainStack.

Brain Boosting Smoothie Juicing recipes give a boost to your cognitive function. To make optimal smoothies, you'll need to have a masticating juicer in your kitchen. These juicers are best for leafy green vegetables. The beets in the recipe below are rich in nitrates, making them a great cognitive enhancer. The berries are rich in flavonoids and antioxidants, which are helpful in staving off cognitive decline as you age.

Brain Builder Smoothie Mix together one Beet, and two handfuls each of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries in the juicer. Strain the mixture if needed, and pour into a glass and enjoy. Nootropics can improve the body’s ability to concentrate, memorize and improve mental clarity. While synthetic varieties are just as safe as their natural counterparts, eating a healthy diet can be an added boon for vegans who are looking for creative ways to consume the many brain inspiring foods.

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Emotional Freedom Technique Video 0

Learn the basics of the emotional freedom technique in this five minute video. Emotional Freedom Technique is based on the Chinese Meridian System. It involves tapping specific points on your head and body which correlate with your meridians. While tapping, you either say a mantra or think about your problem. The video walks you through the basics of defining your problem, rating your problem on a scale and exactly where and how to tap to find freedom from your emotional & psychological attachments.

Ayurveda for Womens Health 8

ayurveda for womens healthby Juliet Cohen Ayurveda has been widely recognized as a system of natural health care congenial to the health needs of women. All over the world more and more women are turning to herbal medicine so that they have more control of their bodies throughout their lives. Vedas are the ancient books of knowledge, or science, from India. They contain practical and scientific information on various subjects beneficial to the humanity like health, philosophy, engineering, astrology etc. There are six types of Ayurvedic treatment: Massages, Dhara, Kizhi, Vasthi, Eye treatments and Panchakarma. Ayurveda for womens health helps women to find their own body rhythm, which is closely linked with nature and its changes resulting in lasting solutions to their health problems. Due to the fact that women respond well both mentally and physically to Ayurveda, it is sometimes known as a women's health care system. Ayurveda had recognized the importance of the environment in the total health. According to, a dosha is one of "three basic metabolic principles connecting the mind and body and biological humour." Everything in your environment is composed of doshas that interact with your own doshas. Ayurvedic health care also enhances the results of Yoga and it is the best bet for women who wish to stop the aging process. Periodic rejuvenation therapy will keep health, beauty and zest for life intact throughout the years. Ayurveda gives equal importance to mental health for which an ethical lifestyle (sadurutta) is prescribed. Ayurveda is the science of life. Ayurveda is a science dealing not only with treatment of some diseases but is a complete way of life. Strict mental discipline and strict adherence to moral values is considered a pre-requisite for mental health. Contemporary AyurvedaHerbs are a vital component of Ayurvedic medicine and they fall into four basic categories. Herbs that have pungent, sour and salty flavors stimulate fire; herbs that are astringent (drying) and bitter stimulate vata-air, or the nerve centered humour; herbs that are sweet, salty and sour stimulate or increase Kapha-water, or the mucoid humour. Finally herbs that are pungent, bitter and astringent ameliorate Kapha-water, which means they tend to increase digestive fire, expel and dry excessive fluid build up in the system, including clearing excessive fat from the body, and the accumulation of cholesterol and other fatty deposits in the veins and arteries of the body. About the Author: Juliet Cohen writes articles on homemade beauty recipes and beauty tips. She also writes articles on makeup tips and advice. Buy the book: Contemporary Ayurveda Image Source:

Pilates Basics and Benefits 1

pilates basicsAccording to, "Pilates (pronounced puh-LAH-teez) is something like a cross between yoga, stretching and calisthenics." This fast growing type of exercise is exceptionally popular with good reasons. It makes you look and feel fantastic. It builds strength without bulk, provides excellent stretching, integrates mind with body and tones your body like you will not believe. By: Tammy Foster Pilates Basics is the foundation of exercises originally developed by Joseph H. Pilates to benefit bed-bound patients during World War I. Pilates developed a series of basic exercises designed to help patients tone and lengthen their muscles. Eventually he brought his Pilates basics to New York where he developed a loyal following. Pilates basics are known for using intense concentration on a specific body part as well as on a specific series of breathing techniques while you perform a prescribed series of movements. It is the combination of these challenges which make Pilates a champion exercise. With Pilates, one of the very first things you will need to learn is to focus on the "powerhouse" or the core of your body. It is just a fancy way of saying "your abdomen". The basics of Pilates teach that if you work your body movements from the core or the powerhouse, then your muscles will move more easily and fully through their entire range of motion. With the focus of Pilates being on the abdominal muscles, these muscles must get stronger in order to allow you to fully execute the movements of Pilates. The spinal and abdominal muscles make up the powerhouse muscles and should be your focus throughout each movement. The abdominal muscles are made up of the rectus abdominis, the transverse abdominis, and the internal and external obliques. Pilates basics focuses on creating strong abdominal and spinal muscles which work together to improve strength, coordination, flexibility and balance. Maybe you have seen the huge Pilates contraptions and have avoided Pilates because you do not want that in your home. Never fear. Many Pilates classes are floor based and require nothing more than a mat or carpet. It also helps to have either an instructor, a book or a DVD until you get your form right. There are still Pilates studios that use the equipment and some classes use various equipment such as exercise balls, bands or rings. If all of this sounds a bit too soft for your exercise taste, make no mistake, Pilates is not a soft and fluffy exercise. If you have any doubt, then take the time to pick up a DVD of Winsor Pilates. In this particular slant to traditional Pilates, Mari Winsor has developed a series of Pilates exercises which she calls "dynamic sequencing" which even on a good day will leave you with your tongue hanging out! One of the best things about Pilates is that it is gentle on the joints. For this reason it can be practiced by the majority of all folks, even those who are just getting started with a fitness routine. Many Pilates practitioners believe this form of exercise will leave you feeling better and not worse. Pilates will leave you feeling taller, leaner, energized and confident. The breathing exercises that accompany all Pilates movements will help you to feel calmer and more centered. So why not give Pilates a try? You will be glad you did and your body will thank you for it! The basics of Pilates give you a certain set of exercises along with specific breathing patterns all focused on helping your tone and strengthen your abdominal powerhouse. The Pilates Body: The Ultimate At-Home Guide to Strengthening, Lengthening, and Toning Your Body--Without MachinesMore energy, confidence and strength makes Pilates basics sound like a plan for me! If you are trying to decide between Pilates and Yoga, why not choose both? While they have many similarities, they may offer dramatically different results. In my experience, I find Yoga to be calming, centering, and it seems to give me a sort of quiet strength. That is why yoga is such an excellent way to start each and every day. I find that Pilates, on the other hand, increases my strength and flexibility like yoga, but also leaves me feeling energized, enthusiastic and invigorated. It may affect other people differently but that is my take on it. I feel yoga is an essential part of my morning routine, and Pilates is something that I really look forward to and try hard to make time for at least three times a week if I can. Article Source:

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My Experience With Reiki 2

by Diane Willbrandt My Experience as A Reiki Client One of my dearest friends found her way to Reiki and trained to become a Reiki Master Teacher. I am fascinated, as she has shared much of her learning with me. In fact, I am fascinated by all forms of Holistic Healing. I am so fascinated I took on the project of creating a website for my friends who are very involved in all types of Reiki, Children's Reiki, Shamanism, Archetypes, Healing Soul Work and Spiritual Therapy. As with my other three websites, I have vowed to try my products. I am constantly trying out new sheets and duvet covers on my bed for one of my sites and carrying the classiest green laptop bag in town for another. Talk about a sparkly purse-yes, it is mine. It's also from my second site. So now to truly be able to give a testimonial to Reiki, I had to really understand it and try it. Actually, I never really experienced a true Reiki treatment until last Wednesday. Yes, I have had a mini treatment and wrote down all the information my clients handed me about Reiki, but I needed that full "I'm the client treatment." I had to renew in my mind what Reiki is, and do some reading to feel even more comfortable with the idea of it. No-it's not a massage. No-it's not a religion. No-it doesn't take the place of medical treatment for disease and ailments and no-it is not a belief system. It is pronounced Ray-Key. It comes from the Japanese words: Rei meaning "God's Wisdom" or the Highest Guiding spiritual consciousness and Ki ("Chi" in Chinese) meaning "life force energy." So it is actually "Spiritually guided life force energy." It is a noninvasive gentle type of energy work. It has been known to treat all illnesses from a simple headache to cancer. It works beautifully with all medical and therapeutic techniques for promoting recovery. Reiki is done by a gentle placement of the practitioner's hands on the client who is fully clothed and lying down in a comforting environment. The hand positions are held for several minutes from the crown of the head to the feet, focusing on areas to get energy flowing evenly that may have become restricted by negative thoughts or habits which may be subconsciously causing stress, illness or weakness. Reiki relaxes, rejuvenates and calms the emotions by strengthening and re-balancing the body's energy centers (chakras) promoting healing on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels. It leaves one feeling calm and well-balanced. I studied, I understood and I was ready. Here is what I experienced. First, I entered a lovely office setting with several individual rooms housing Reiki, massage, reflexology and more. The office was professional and soothing with soft colors, a comfortable sitting area, and quiet restful music. As I entered my friend's office, it was also peaceful and calm with lovely pictures, more calming music, and a small bubbling fountain. It was inviting, and I felt warm and at peace and ready to begin. Margret's table looked like a massage table covered with sheets and a pillow. Unlike a massage, I did not undress before lying down: I just removed shoes and jewelry and lay on my back to begin. I felt a little apprehensive. What if I felt nothing? Since I am very open to holistic healing, I asked Margret to be open with me. She gets visual messages as she works on a body, and I wanted to know what she saw or felt as she worked on me. She said that not everyone wants feedback, and many just want the room to be totally quiet. From my reading and Margret's sharing, I know that Margret is like a channeling system, and that her energy has nothing to do with mine. Reiki is guided by a Higher Intelligence and this works through Margret. She "picks up" messages, images and thoughts, and I find this interesting while others may find this frightening or too extremes. I wanted to know everything, so she began my treatment. Margret held on to the crown of my head as she sat behind me. I closed my eyes and relaxed as she held the position for several minutes. She told me my energy was "scattered" as I knew it was. I felt scattered that day. She said she could visualize me at my desk and that I had papers scattered and I needed organization. Amen to that one! She has never seen this mess, and I don't want her too! She went on to say in a very quiet voice that I have a novel waiting to be written, and my calling is to write it. This has been on my mind so much recently, and I have been writing but have not been persistent about it. In fact I began this novel seven years ago and have been waiting for retirement to finish it. Now I am retired and it is time. She said fear was holding me back. Soon I felt myself capturing deep breaths and sinking into more heavy relaxation. Margret would take in my energy and cough and yawn to eliminate my negative energy and disperse my good energy.. She moved to my face, neck and arm, holding my hand for a small period of time. She told me what she saw and felt and about the conflict and sadness I have with my sister. I found myself feeling some emotion and continuing to have to breathe deeply and evenly. I felt extremely relaxed as I sunk into the massage table. As Margret moved to my energy centers, (chakras) she gave me excellent examples of what each chakra is for and how it must be moving in a clockwise manner. I was surprised when she questioned my digestive system and asked if I ache in my stomach. She said I had old memories and worries and she would help release those. Seriously, I felt nothing, but then there was a pop of pressure released from my stomach. I felt like the baby had suddenly burped, and the feeling was relief. I continued to breathe hard, and suddenly, I started to cough. She said I was releasing negative energy and thoughts that were harbored in my second chakra. I loved this: the music, the quiet information, the whole calming effect. As I turned onto my stomach, I suddenly felt some new lower back pain. Where was that coming from? As Margret pressed on my back, she felt heat rising depicting tension and pain and questioned it. Yes, it hurt, but just starting a few minutes back. Margret left her hands positioned on my back, stating that lower back pain comes from financial concerns and worries, either past or present. She released the tension there. The only thing that did not ring true to me was as Margret placed her hands on my feet and saw me spinning on my toes as a ballerina. Ballet has certainly not been in my cards although I do love to dance. (maybe not as gracefully as a ballerina!) The beautiful spiritual side of this was Margret seeing several angels protecting me with my dearest grandmother at the forefront saying things to me she always said as I grew up in her presence. (She read tea leaves and attended a Spiritualist Church sometimes) I felt a glow and a warm inexplicable connection to light, warmth, energy and God. Margret said my energy was in tune at this point as she finished where she began: at the crown of my head. Essential ReikiAs we finished, Margret asked me to remain lying down and to get up slowly as I was ready. I felt as though I had just had a massage. I was rejuvenated yet a little worn out and very quiet. As I got up, I was given water to revitalize me and wash out released toxins. As with a massage, I was told to drink lots of water that day. I was left feeling whole and refreshed the whole day, and of course, I have an appointment for next week. I am pleased to have experienced one on "my products," and I would recommend it to everyone with an open mind and heart. If you doubt, leave this alone or read more about it. I found the experience amazing and very spiritual, but doubt would cloud the experience. I truly feel that maintenance is so necessary to our lives, and Reiki is great for that. With routine care, we can eliminate the negative flow of energy and create a positive flow throughout our bodies. We can rid our bodies and minds of the negative impact of stress even though sometimes we do not feel the tensions. Rei ki is a positive experience to fight illness and depression. There is definitely a strong place for Reiki in dealing with pain, injuries and illness combined with modern medicine and many other alternative therapies. About the Author: Diane Willbrandt lives in Western Michigan and loves to travel to new places. She has started webmarketing and writing since she retired from teaching. Her site is based on energy healing forms of Reiki, Children's Reiki, Distance Reiki, Shamanism, Spiritual therapy and Women's healing soul groups. Exploring this new avenue has been fun for Diane. She also enjoys the beach, golf, tennis, skiing and reading. Buy the Book: Essential Reiki [affiliate link] Image Source: