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How Indian Massage Can Make a World of Difference 2

Indian Head Massage: with Fol-out back cover - the massage routine in full colour photographs (Paperback) Author: Tania Penwell Indian massage can be your solution for looking gorgeous, smelling splendid and feeling on top of the world! Read this article to find out how this ancient art of touch can help you in your complete rejuvenation. Touch is the most basic mode of communication between two human beings. Due to the fact that massage involves this magic touch, massage promotes health---both psychological and emotional. How? Massage improves circulation, supports neurological functions, helps in digestion by providing gas relief and strengthens overall immunity. Massage act as stimulant for the skin receptors and the nerves and triggers off the 'feel-good' hormones, especially the endorphins. This helps the nerves and muscles relax. Massage also helps alleviating pain simply by refusing to receive pain signals from brain. The end result is: you get a feeling of complete relaxation---both in your body and mind. With tensions and stresses gone, you gain back the keenness of your senses. How Indian Massage Therapy is different Massage takes different approaches in different parts of the world. The Indian massage therapy or the Ayurvedic massage has been practiced since antiquity. Massage has always received a scientific perception in the writing of the Scholars of ancient India. This traditional Indian technique was based on Ayurvedic Doshas and Marmas---the pressure points in the Western reflexology. Here are some basic points: The focal point in Ayurvedic massage technique is: different pressure points of the body. As a healing agent, Indian massage involves the use of different types of touch and pressure or flowing movements. Ayurvedic massage is applied to the skin in a way so that the tissues underlying it are relieved of muscular tension and pains. This form of massage may involve either particular parts of body---as for example, Indian head massage---or full body massage. Indian massage often involves the use of different types of aromatherapy oils---hot or cold. All of these result in relaxation of the body and promote a sense of overall well-being. Indian Massage---an experience of lifetime In the interior of India, you will get to see people receiving massage in the corners of the streets for a few rupees; although they often lack formal training, they have acquired the art as a part of community tradition. But for a life changing experience, you should visit a luxury Indian spa where trained and experienced masseurs will offer you traditional Ayurvedic massage for a holistic rejuvenation. Here are some of the varieties of Ayurvedic massage you can experience in the different parts of India, especially in the Spa Resorts in Kerala, in southern fringes of the peninsula. Panchakarma treatment The gentle process that promotes deep cleansing without discomfort. This is a massage technique that helps eliminate toxins from the body accumulated in areas like the lymph, circulatory, and immune systems. Abhyanga Massage The fastest toxin expelling technique - this is a luxurious full body indulgence with medicated oils containing herbs and ingredients that pacify the unbalanced Vata, Pitta, and Kapha energies. Ayurvedic Head Massage The technique that ends mental fatigue - this massage is done with oils containing herbs that pacify the nerves and stimulate the brain for better functioning. This massage can be your ultimate solution for getting rid of emotional fatigue, confusions and for enhanced clarity of mind. Full Body Steam Expelling toxins with the help of steam - this is a full body massage technique, much different from ordinary sauna; here the steam contains vapors of detoxifying and balancing herbs. However, the head and neck areas are excluded in this massage. In addition of relieving body from toxins, it also moisturizes and dehydrates the skin giving it a baby soft glow. Shirodhara The ultimate stress reliever - this amazing technique involves trickling of a warm stream of mixture of cooling and balancing herbal oils and medicated ghee over the forehead in a continuous flow. To enhance the effect, the treatment is carried on in a quiet, soothing atmosphere. If you happen to suffer from any one of these: chronic neuro-muscular disorders, hypertension, insomnia, depression, anxiety, headaches or restlessness---- Shirodhara is the technique you must give a try to get rid of these menaces for once and for all. For generations, Indian massage has been trusted for having a powerful effect on the mental and emotional well being of the individuals. Come and experience the difference yourself! About the author: Tania Penwell provides information on Indian massage and other types of massage for Savvy Cafe - your guide to living life to the fullest! Buy the Book: Indian Head Massage: with Fold-out back cover - the massage routine in full colour photographs

Reflexology - Reaching the Heart through your Feet 3

Spa Sister Reflexology SocksAuthor: Patrick Curl This article is about reaching your heart through the feet - and reaching the brain, sinus cavities, glands, stomach, spinal column, reproductive system, etc... The human body is a magnificent work and it never ceases to amaze me. As a massage therapist I learn new and wonderful things about the human body almost daily it seems. Reflexology is an ancient healing art, one that was lost for awhile and then re-discovered. We have areas on our feet that correspond with every area on our body and we can reach those area through a specialized massage of the feet. We also have these points on our hands and to some extent on our ears. The method we use to practice reflexology is as follows: First we do some really yummy releasing exercises. The only way to send the signals from the gentle touch of reflexology from our feet up to our body is to do it when our feet are relaxed and more alert. There's two major methods of performing reflexology, there's finger walking (where your thumb or forefinger walk along different patterns on the foot, but it looks and feels more like it's trying to wiggle like a worm, it takes some practice to accomplish, but isn't too hard.) Then there's hooking in and pulling back, where you kind of hook your thumb into a point and scoot it down a little towards the heel. Another quasi-stroke I find that works well is if you find a point that's really congested, you can rotate counter clockwise, in essence it will feel like you're sending the congestion back up into the body, and for really loose or lack of congestion you can pull energy down to that spot by rotating clockwise - you can recognize by the way it feels - it usually feels hard and/or may have some urine crystals in (bet you didn't know that uric acid settles in the foot and when you feel little crunchy things in someone's feet it's really those crystals). If you are interested in practicing on yourself or your partner, then get a good chart of the points on the feet, and also some books for further reading, as there is so much more you can learn about reflexology beyond this starting point. About the author: Patrick Curl is a Massage Enthusiast and owner of Where Massage Enthusiasts Gather. Drop on over for your chance at winning a FREE Massage from a therapist in your area. Buy: Spa Sister Reflexology Socks Visit A Much Better Health Store Browse through our Organic Bath, Body & Beauty Store

Natural Solutions for Circulation Problems 6

[caption id="attachment_7142" align="alignleft" width="440"]Natural Solutions for Circulation Problems via gnondpomme on[/caption] If our heart, arteries and veins are lined with various waste products such as salts and fatty acids, then the volume of blood which can pass is diminished and the ability of these vessels to expand and contract is severely limited. Thus we have conditions such as arteriosclerosis, high and low blood pressure, heart blood flow deficiency and general circulatory deficiency.

Natural Solutions for Circulation Problems:

1. Carefully observe guidelines for healthy eating. Avoid cooked oils as much as possible (except for coconut oil), white flour, meat, white sugar, and any foods, which have been over processed or have chemical additives. 2. Eat whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits and a little raw unheated vegetable oil each day. 3. Occasional fasting helps to purify the blood vessels. One could fast on apples, pears or brown rice or do a juice fast for a few days. If one wants to do a longer fast, consult your doctor. Fasting on grapes is considered one of the most effective ways to purify the blood. 4. Vitamins and antioxidants help with better circulation: A, C, E, and Lecithin, B complex (especially B3, B2). 5. Alternating hot and cold baths help the blood flow to penetrate into all parts of the body. In general finishing with a cold shower helps stimulate circulation. Consult your doctor as to whether this is for your specific case. 6. Dress warmly so as to allow your blood vessels to be relaxed and let blood flow. 7. Swimming in the sea all year long helps to keep the circulation flowing and the body vital. One must be regular. If you cease for a period of time, your body will lose its ability to adapt to the cold water in the winter. 8. Nettle tea and beating the extremities with nettles is a folk remedy for increasing circulation to the extremities. This may be painful while doing it, but it brings results. 9. Reflexology massage can be used to bring circulation to organs, which cannot be affected by other means. By massaging the reflex point on the bottom of the foot we are able to bring blood flow to the various interior organs, so as to revitalize them. How the Circulatory System Works10. Swedish muscular massage can be used to bring better blood flow to the various extremities. 11. All forms of movement and activity are helpful, i.e. running, walking, dancing, swimming, playing, sports and yoga. These are a must for those with poor circulation. 12. Breathing facilitates the return of the blood through the veins to the heart. When we breathe deeply and slowly, we help the blood to return to the heart an also move the lymph through the system. Deep breathing every day is an essential for those with circulatory problems. 13. When we relax the blood vessels, our blood flows freely to the various parts of our body. We tend to obstruct the free flow of blood through unconscious tensing of the various muscles and also the blood vessels themselves. Relaxation is essential for healthy circulation. Perform deep relaxation daily, imagining the blood vessels opening and the blood flowing freely to the parts of the body which have insufficient circulation. 14. Various forms of heat, such as hot compresses, hot water bottles, and electric heating pads can be used to increase the circulation momentarily to various parts of the body. 15. Physical Exercises
  • The abdominal area is considered the furnace of the body, where heat and energy are produced. Sluggishness and tension in this area can impede our general flow of energies and also blood. Thus, you will need to do a number of exercises to stimulate and vitalize the area of the abdomen.
  • The endocrine system regulates our overall metabolism. You would do well to learn and employ specific exercises for rejuvenating and harmonizing the endocrine system.
  • Add other exercises for the various joints such as the shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, hips, knees, ankles and toes according to where you need better circulation. Even if our problems are located at the extremities such as with the fingers and toes, we have to open up all the other joints, which come before them. Although the symptoms may be in the extremities, the cause may be in one of the preceding joints. It is usually at the joints that the circulation gets blocked.
  • Ensure good circulation to the brain by lying on your back next to a wall and placing your feet up on the wall, so that the blood flows into the lungs gaining oxygen and then into the brain oxygenating and bringing nutrients to all the cells of the brain. This is essential for the pituitary and hypothalamus and thus for the endocrine and autonomic nervous system and thus for all bodily and mental functions.
16. Observe to see if emotional factors are involved. You may have an unconscious holding and a need for control of feelings or expression, which is also restricting the free flow of blood. If you are suppressing your emotions, learn to express them in effective and positive ways (without hurting others). When we care for our body and mind, they serve us much more efficiently. May you be well on all levels of your being. For more about creating natural health go here Image Source:

The History of Thai Foot Massage 12

Thai Foot Massageby Annalisa Zisman Thai foot massage dates back over hundreds of years, and has been one of the most effective and revered forms of massage in the Orient, and eventually all over the world. Though Thai massage can cover the entire body, the art of Thai foot massage is an art in and of itself. Thai foot massage was developed over the years by incorporating foot massage techniques from some places such as China, Japan, and Korea. Most people who have experienced a Thai foot massage can attest to its benefits. The foot is probably the most abused part of the body, but not only that, it seems to have a direct connection to every other part of the body. A good Thai foot massage not only makes your feet feel wonderful, it can promote healing and relaxation in many other parts of the body as well. In the ancient Orient, this was discovered rather early, and foot massage was used as a method of healing both the mind and the body. As a holistic treatment, those in the ancient Orient realized that foot massage could relieve stress, help promote restful sleep, increase circulation, and even help promote a better immune system. In the mental sense, it could increase alertness and enhance creativity. Thai foot massage incorporates elements of what we recognize as reflexology. The foundation of reflexology is that there are certain points on the foot that can affect other areas of the body. Thai foot massage and reflexology can extend to the ankles and legs as well. For this reason, most Thai foot masseuses will ask for a detailed medical history before beginning treatment. In this way they can determine what pressure points can be focused on more than others, and even help patients discover problems early that they may not have been aware of. Thai foot massage usually takes about an hour, and starts not with immediately focusing on pressure points, but on what the masseuse calls "opening the pathways of energy". In Thai foot massage it is believed that the massage must be done in stages, readying the subject for each successive step so that each step in turn can be most effective. The Art Of East Asian Foot Reflexology A reputable Thai foot masseuse also knows when massage can be beneficial and when it can actually be harmful. If there are any serious injuries or illnesses that the subject needs to address, the masseuse will require that they be treated by a physician before trying Thai foot massage. Though Thai foot massage can help in the healing process tremendously, it is not a substitution for medical treatment. During healing, however, and as long as a complete medical history is known, Thai foot massage can have incredible benefits, both for those what are in good health and for those who are suffering several different types of ailments. About the Author: Annalisa Zisman, a proficient writer, writes for a few different learn massage techniques sites. The author writes articles about massage techniques. Supplementary editorials that were written by Annalisa Zisman about massage therapist education are accessible on the internet. Buy The Art Of East Asian Foot Reflexology Image Source:

My Experience With Reiki 2

by Diane Willbrandt My Experience as A Reiki Client One of my dearest friends found her way to Reiki and trained to become a Reiki Master Teacher. I am fascinated, as she has shared much of her learning with me. In fact, I am fascinated by all forms of Holistic Healing. I am so fascinated I took on the project of creating a website for my friends who are very involved in all types of Reiki, Children's Reiki, Shamanism, Archetypes, Healing Soul Work and Spiritual Therapy. As with my other three websites, I have vowed to try my products. I am constantly trying out new sheets and duvet covers on my bed for one of my sites and carrying the classiest green laptop bag in town for another. Talk about a sparkly purse-yes, it is mine. It's also from my second site. So now to truly be able to give a testimonial to Reiki, I had to really understand it and try it. Actually, I never really experienced a true Reiki treatment until last Wednesday. Yes, I have had a mini treatment and wrote down all the information my clients handed me about Reiki, but I needed that full "I'm the client treatment." I had to renew in my mind what Reiki is, and do some reading to feel even more comfortable with the idea of it. No-it's not a massage. No-it's not a religion. No-it doesn't take the place of medical treatment for disease and ailments and no-it is not a belief system. It is pronounced Ray-Key. It comes from the Japanese words: Rei meaning "God's Wisdom" or the Highest Guiding spiritual consciousness and Ki ("Chi" in Chinese) meaning "life force energy." So it is actually "Spiritually guided life force energy." It is a noninvasive gentle type of energy work. It has been known to treat all illnesses from a simple headache to cancer. It works beautifully with all medical and therapeutic techniques for promoting recovery. Reiki is done by a gentle placement of the practitioner's hands on the client who is fully clothed and lying down in a comforting environment. The hand positions are held for several minutes from the crown of the head to the feet, focusing on areas to get energy flowing evenly that may have become restricted by negative thoughts or habits which may be subconsciously causing stress, illness or weakness. Reiki relaxes, rejuvenates and calms the emotions by strengthening and re-balancing the body's energy centers (chakras) promoting healing on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels. It leaves one feeling calm and well-balanced. I studied, I understood and I was ready. Here is what I experienced. First, I entered a lovely office setting with several individual rooms housing Reiki, massage, reflexology and more. The office was professional and soothing with soft colors, a comfortable sitting area, and quiet restful music. As I entered my friend's office, it was also peaceful and calm with lovely pictures, more calming music, and a small bubbling fountain. It was inviting, and I felt warm and at peace and ready to begin. Margret's table looked like a massage table covered with sheets and a pillow. Unlike a massage, I did not undress before lying down: I just removed shoes and jewelry and lay on my back to begin. I felt a little apprehensive. What if I felt nothing? Since I am very open to holistic healing, I asked Margret to be open with me. She gets visual messages as she works on a body, and I wanted to know what she saw or felt as she worked on me. She said that not everyone wants feedback, and many just want the room to be totally quiet. From my reading and Margret's sharing, I know that Margret is like a channeling system, and that her energy has nothing to do with mine. Reiki is guided by a Higher Intelligence and this works through Margret. She "picks up" messages, images and thoughts, and I find this interesting while others may find this frightening or too extremes. I wanted to know everything, so she began my treatment. Margret held on to the crown of my head as she sat behind me. I closed my eyes and relaxed as she held the position for several minutes. She told me my energy was "scattered" as I knew it was. I felt scattered that day. She said she could visualize me at my desk and that I had papers scattered and I needed organization. Amen to that one! She has never seen this mess, and I don't want her too! She went on to say in a very quiet voice that I have a novel waiting to be written, and my calling is to write it. This has been on my mind so much recently, and I have been writing but have not been persistent about it. In fact I began this novel seven years ago and have been waiting for retirement to finish it. Now I am retired and it is time. She said fear was holding me back. Soon I felt myself capturing deep breaths and sinking into more heavy relaxation. Margret would take in my energy and cough and yawn to eliminate my negative energy and disperse my good energy.. She moved to my face, neck and arm, holding my hand for a small period of time. She told me what she saw and felt and about the conflict and sadness I have with my sister. I found myself feeling some emotion and continuing to have to breathe deeply and evenly. I felt extremely relaxed as I sunk into the massage table. As Margret moved to my energy centers, (chakras) she gave me excellent examples of what each chakra is for and how it must be moving in a clockwise manner. I was surprised when she questioned my digestive system and asked if I ache in my stomach. She said I had old memories and worries and she would help release those. Seriously, I felt nothing, but then there was a pop of pressure released from my stomach. I felt like the baby had suddenly burped, and the feeling was relief. I continued to breathe hard, and suddenly, I started to cough. She said I was releasing negative energy and thoughts that were harbored in my second chakra. I loved this: the music, the quiet information, the whole calming effect. As I turned onto my stomach, I suddenly felt some new lower back pain. Where was that coming from? As Margret pressed on my back, she felt heat rising depicting tension and pain and questioned it. Yes, it hurt, but just starting a few minutes back. Margret left her hands positioned on my back, stating that lower back pain comes from financial concerns and worries, either past or present. She released the tension there. The only thing that did not ring true to me was as Margret placed her hands on my feet and saw me spinning on my toes as a ballerina. Ballet has certainly not been in my cards although I do love to dance. (maybe not as gracefully as a ballerina!) The beautiful spiritual side of this was Margret seeing several angels protecting me with my dearest grandmother at the forefront saying things to me she always said as I grew up in her presence. (She read tea leaves and attended a Spiritualist Church sometimes) I felt a glow and a warm inexplicable connection to light, warmth, energy and God. Margret said my energy was in tune at this point as she finished where she began: at the crown of my head. Essential ReikiAs we finished, Margret asked me to remain lying down and to get up slowly as I was ready. I felt as though I had just had a massage. I was rejuvenated yet a little worn out and very quiet. As I got up, I was given water to revitalize me and wash out released toxins. As with a massage, I was told to drink lots of water that day. I was left feeling whole and refreshed the whole day, and of course, I have an appointment for next week. I am pleased to have experienced one on "my products," and I would recommend it to everyone with an open mind and heart. If you doubt, leave this alone or read more about it. I found the experience amazing and very spiritual, but doubt would cloud the experience. I truly feel that maintenance is so necessary to our lives, and Reiki is great for that. With routine care, we can eliminate the negative flow of energy and create a positive flow throughout our bodies. We can rid our bodies and minds of the negative impact of stress even though sometimes we do not feel the tensions. Rei ki is a positive experience to fight illness and depression. There is definitely a strong place for Reiki in dealing with pain, injuries and illness combined with modern medicine and many other alternative therapies. About the Author: Diane Willbrandt lives in Western Michigan and loves to travel to new places. She has started webmarketing and writing since she retired from teaching. Her site is based on energy healing forms of Reiki, Children's Reiki, Distance Reiki, Shamanism, Spiritual therapy and Women's healing soul groups. Exploring this new avenue has been fun for Diane. She also enjoys the beach, golf, tennis, skiing and reading. Buy the Book: Essential Reiki [affiliate link] Image Source: