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Drinking Your Own Urine?"AUT (auto-urine therapy) is an ancient practice as it finds mention in many old texts of India such as Shivambhu Kalpa Vidhi and Damar Tantra. Shivambhu literally means water of Lord Shiva, a Hindu God. Urine therapists often speak of drinking Shivambhu, which means drinking the water of auspiciousness."LifePositive.com

By: Eric Cho You’d never think there was anything good in a pot of pee, right? Here’s news for you. The use of urine for medicinal purposes can be traced to societies in ancient Egypt, China, Hindu and Aztec histories. Advocates also cite a prominent verse in the Bible: "Drink water from thine own cistern and the streams of thine own well."

Urine therapy is also known as amaroli and it is an integral part of the Ayurvedic tradition of Yoga. Yogis who follow Ayurveda are advised to drink the urine they excrete between 4 and 6 in the morning because the hormones released are propitious in inducing the meditative state of mind. The rationale behind urine therapy is quite simple and persuasive. Urine is believed to be a byproduct of blood filtration. It is NOT excess water that is released by the body. When blood filled with nutrients pass through the liver, the toxins are filtered out and are excreted as solid waste. The purified blood then travels to the kidney where excess nutrients are eliminated from the body.

The medical name of urine is Plasma Ultrafiltrate. 95% of this liquid is water and the rest is a mixture of nutrients, urea, minerals, enzymes, antibodies and hormones. Urine consists of urea, which is an antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral agent. Urea is produced when the body tries to balance the ratio of sodium chloride with water. Because of its ability to kill bacteria and limit inflammation, urea is often used in ointments and lotions. Urine can be used internally or applied externally.

For internal use, it is necessary to collect the morning’s first sample. A sterile container is used, and with a dropper the patient places anywhere between 5-10 drops under his tongue. The usual system is to use 1-5 drops on the first day, followed by 5-10 drops on the second day, 5-10 drops on the morning of the third day and 5-10 drops on the evening of the third day. "Drinking urine is a good alternative wherever water is scarce. It not only satisfies the need for liquid, but also actually keeps the body healthy. Some time ago there was an earthquake in Egypt. A survivor was pulled out of the rubble in Cairo after being trapped for three days. The man had kept himself alive by, among other things, drinking his own urine and he was in excellent condition. I heard another story about a man who kept himself alive with his own urine for a week in a collapsed mine. At the time of his rescue, he looked fine and was in extraordinary health." - Complete Guide to Urine Therapy Universal-Tao.com

Homeopathic urine therapy dilutes the urine with distilled water and this diluted solution is placed under the tongue till there is a reduction in symptoms. Precautions are taken to ensure the purity and quality of the urine. The first urine of the day and the mid-stream urine is the best sample. Before collecting the sample, it is necessary to wash the genital area thoroughly. After taking the urine into the body, individuals should refrain from eating anything for at least half an hour. For external application, new or old urine can be used. Since older urine has a higher concentration of ammonia, it is more effective against skin diseases and rashes.

To make the urine old, it should be stored in a dark bottle and closed tightly and kept away from the sun for 3-4 days. A small amount of the solution is applied directly on the skin. It can also be sprayed on the skin or added to skin lotions, cream or moisturizers. Doctors advise against the use of soap immediately after applying urine on the skin. Urine should never be injected into the body. Since urine therapy depends on the gradual introduction of urine into the body, a sudden introduction of urine into the bloodstream can cause damage.

Urine therapy is supposed to cure a variety of ailments ranging from Arthritis, Cancer, Hepatitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Diabetes, Herpes and adrenal failure. It is commonly used to combat venom from snakebites, jellyfish and bee stings. Urine is the main ingredient in infertility drugs. So, now you know there’s more to pee than what meets the eye! "The medical community has already been aware of [urine's] astounding efficacy for decades, and yet none of us has ever been told about it. Why? Maybe they think it's too controversial. Or maybe, more accurately, there wasn't any monetary reward for telling people what scientists know about one of the most extraordinary natural healing elements in the world." (Urine Therapy - Shirley's Wellness Cafe Alternative Holistic Medicine

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  • Sheryl Lyon
Comments 227
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    My baby
    This article is so helpful for me,i like it,thanks a lot!
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  • Bianca

    Hi i have a question, i have been practicing UT and have had wonderfull results! however i suffer from candida and am considering doing the fast. I was wondering if you knew of any therapists in AUstralia South australia who included UT in their practice???…

  • Atieno

    Personaly i believe in urine therapy bcos my granny used to apply my own urine on to any part of her body whenever she had a heat burn but i find it rather shameful to tell my family about it. Tell me if it can help stop falling and thinning hair. How about acne?

  • Natural Health
    Natural Health

    Thanks for writing Pauline. Obviously I would never recommend anything during pregnancy that would harm a fetus or cause a miscarriage. Thanks so much for the tip!

  • Pauline

    Urea has been indicated for elective abortion. It acts through the damage of decidual cells and subsequent release of prostaglandins, which induce uterine contractions. Therefore, would you recommend UT to pregnant women who want to improve their general health?

  • Natural Health
    Natural Health

    Hi Bianca, thanks for your inquiry. We do not have local listings for therapists who use urine therapy although anyone can use it on their own by simply drinking their own urine for health benefits or to survive a disaster.

    Anybody can drink their own urine, it does not have to be from a child.

  • Aloe Vera reviews
    Aloe Vera reviews

    I heard this method before, If I am not mistaken we can only take urine from kids, the urine from adult is harmful than kid and not suitable for therapy right?

  • Colin

    I heard several times about this theory. I would like to believe it while I prefer not to enjoy health benefit of this method.

  • Natural Health
    Natural Health


    We can’t say whether anything will or will not cure a condition. Urine therapy has been used for centuries for a variety of conditions and if you can get your 10 yr old to try it and you feel it may work for her then go for it!

  • christiana

    i read information on the website of urine as a cure to all diseases.i want to know if urine can cure my 10years old bulge fibroid,thanks

  • Major

    I couldn’t imagine myself drinking a pee :-) But if it’s really good for health, then let it be!

  • Donna

    I have colleagues who swear by this. I haven’t been able to bring myself to try but I believe it would be beneficial.

  • Website Development
    Website Development

    Hmm, not sure i could bringm yself to drink my own pee, but…living int he Leicestershire countryside some of my mates are farmers and we always joke about it being a well known fact that they never get ill because they pee in the bath. (Not to then drink the water you understand but tot ake advantage of the external application of urine therapy)

    Funnily enough one of my most healthy farmer mates had a shower intalled in his bathroom a few months ago and he has had one of the worst colds of his life recently, causing him to have 3 days off work whichis just un heard of.

    I reminded him of his new shower and he hadn’t made the connection but is now decided to take more baths!

    Speaks for itself!



  • sandy

    urine therapy, funny but true….worked effectively on my acne breakout,i couldn’t believe it at first.i drank urine in the morning for about a month and cleaned my face using a cotton ball morning and night…jst few weeks after the results were visible!

  • Natural Health
    Natural Health


    While it is probably worth a try, I would recommend doing research above and beyond what is contained in this article.


    thanks for a good educational therapy.i have a question is it useful to have urine if you are HIV positive , i mean taking your own urine

  • Michael

    I heard of quite a few people who were successful with urine therapy.
    I am a little bit confused about the broad range of illnesses where it can be applied – sound a little bit to good to be true…


  • Monica

    I really do appreciate this post.I’ve heard of quite a few people who were successful with urine therapy.
    I am a little bit confused about the broad range of illnesses where it can be applied – sound a little bit to good to be true…

  • Michelle

    All I would like to say is that God has made man to urine for a reason, and that reaon is that urine is very toxic and needs to be excreted from the body.

    Its not good for the body. What happens when somebodys kidneys fail?

    This stuff is not to be drunk, it needs to be flushed away. So how does one explain the wonderful stories above? Well you have followers of everything don’t you?

  • Chris

    lol at nikhil.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there are medical benefits in urine. But I’m sure the health of the urine has to be well too. I’d definitely be afraid of a heavy smoker’s or drinker’s.

  • steve

    I do believe the medicinal benefits of urine, but I still would find it so hard for me to drink my urine. lol

  • nikhil

    I am suffering from problem of cosntipation & acne on face & back should i start to drink my own urine first in the morning

  • Tony

    I want to know wheather UT can go along with medicines for Hyper Tension or Depression.I had been using this Therapy and found it very useful but I am eager to know this aspect for my satisfaction.
    Thanks for sharing knowledge.

  • Stephen

    in an emergency i would certainly consider the possibility of recycling urine, but i doubt very much that prolonged recycling can be anything other than harmful to your body. if there was something beneficial in urine, why would your body excrete it rather than make use of it?

  • Health Expert
    Health Expert

    Urine is an excellent source of vital nutrients and antibodies that help protect from numerous diseases. Also it is said that the components of urine can neither be duplicated nor derived synthetically. Though its hard to accept own body waste as medicine, it is extremely effective.

  • iJoy Massage Chair
    iJoy Massage Chair

    I’ve heard about urine therapeutic effects from my grand father years ago, but I have never try to treat myself with pee. I believe there are many illness that can be treated with pee, but fortunately I’m not in this situation.

  • Fearless Income Group
    Fearless Income Group

    Interesting points of view. I couldn’t bring it upon myself to drink my own urine, but I know it’s fine to apply it to cuts and scrapes if you’re out in the wild and don’t have any other antiseptic.

    But say it does work, you won’t hear Big Pharma touting that idea…they have their own best interests to worry about, and that would be drugs.

  • brkti w/grima
    brkti w/grima

    my name is brkti iask
    to the urine therapy
    what is urine therapy

  • Clara

    My first time hearing of this. It’s probably just cultural, but I think I’m going to have to pass on this one. Pun intended.

  • riddhi

    Hi,, will urine therapy solve my pcos problem adn infact help me to get pregnant???



  • Linda

    Well I’ve never heard of this before. It is probably worth a try, but I would also recommend doing more research beforehand.

  • Scared Brother
    Scared Brother

    After reading this, it motivated me to go and try it. But when I peed little in the cup, I was too scared to drink it. lol!

  • For Marquez, It's Pee Pee's Big Adventure
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  • bluetooth kopfhörer
    bluetooth kopfhörer

    Well, i beleive that urine therapy has indeed nice results. One can apply urine over one’s skin to get rid of skin infections and burns. Also drinking you own urine helps fight various diseases.

  • Larry

    Well, I have heard about urine therapy since long time ago. t is even said that it can cure any kind of disease…But I don’t know. I don’t have enough gut to try it :)

  • dkee

    Hi,my doctor told me i have problem with my spleen-pancreas,can i use urine therapy?
    thank you

  • sabri

    i belive urine therapy is so effective thing

  • Sarah

    I ordered a few books from your amazon links, thank for the links.

  • Andre

    It is beneficial to drink urine I believe. I believe in the vedas, it is written in the vedas so if time comes that again I suffer from urinary tract infection then I will drink my pee besides drinking a lot of coconut juice.

    Juan Manuel Marquez drinks his own pee for him to become strong but Mayweather defeats him. But my belief in the potency of drinking pee never fades.

    Hope that many people will study alternative medicines; they will find a goldmine solution in their maladies.

  • admin


    Here is a great link on urine therapy where you can ask specific questions: http://www.urine-therapy.org/

    Good luck!

  • acne urine therapy
    acne urine therapy

    It’s a pretty big cultural divide to overcome. I gave it a shot but wasn’t up to the task I guess.

  • Evelyn

    Does urine therapy cure Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?

  • Steve

    I see so many people that believe in their heart the benefits of urine, but just can’t seem to overcome the thought of drinking one’s urine. I was in that exact situation, I read books and websites and slowly it begins to makes sense. Trust me please, it is very very healthy.

    I now drink 5 or 6 cups, yes cups, thoughout the day, everyday and I do not have any illnesses, never get a cold or flu, and I look about 10 years younger than I did 4 years ago when I started drinking my urine.

    Here is how to start, begin with just a drop or two and slowly work your way up. It took me about two weeks before I was able to drink a swallow of urine. After about a month, I started to crave my urine.

    I’m 49 years old male, and what it has done for me is: I’m very health, look much younger, my hair is fuller and I became more muscular. I only need about 5 hours of sleep and my additude is always positive, I’m content and happy.

    Urine is not toxic, it is excess water, nutrients, antibodies and hormones. I believe it is the hormones that make urine drinkers look and feel so much younger.

    It is only society that makes you afraid to drink your own urine, please believe in yourself and your body, god’s gift to you!

  • bolla

    here is some tips about UT..

  • meenakshi sundaram
    meenakshi sundaram

    Every one,
    I am following auto urine therapy – AUTfor the past 20 years. I started in 1990. I did not have any ailment before starting I was very healthy and athletic. out of curiosity based on an article in a news paper in Mumbai – India I started. AMAZING BENEFITS, I AM 53 NOW, MARRIED AND HAVE A SON OF 15 YEARS. MY HEALTH IS FANTASTIC, I AM VERY ACTIVE THAN A 30 YEARS PERSON. If any of you would like to know how to start and what are the benefits you can write to me on meenakshi178@gmail.com In Ancient India urine therapy was called SHIVAMBU KALPA – Meanins Lord Shiva’s nector.
    MY WISH AND WILL IS THAT ALL OF YOU SHOULD PRACTICE AUT. This is the only therapy that doesnot have any vested interest – commercial or otherwise. Truly
    Mumbai, India

  • katherine

    .. hi? is that true that urine therepy can cure disease? ..

  • Kedarsingh Thapa
    Kedarsingh Thapa

    I am suffering from some doctors says RA other says SLE. Whether I can get benefit from UT or not.

  • Tracy

    Thank you for blogging this. It was truly a good read. I will bookmark your site for later use. Thanks again.

  • adewunmi adetutu
    adewunmi adetutu

    goodafternoon sir/ma, pls, is it true that urine can cure disease of any form?

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