Methods to Induce Labor At Home

Methods to Induce Laborby Lena Leino If you are reading this because you have reached - and passed - your estimated delivery date (EDD), and been visiting your doctor who confirmed that your baby could be born "any day now" but that, unfortunately, you are not currently in labor, you are probably interested in natural ways to induce your labor. You should not blindly follow advice from anyone and everyone who is willing to give it, however. One of the common methods to induce labor at home is taking herbal tablets or tinctures, such as Blue or Black Cohosh. People, who have heard, somewhere, that these medicinal herbs can be used for inducing labor naturally, quite commonly recommend these herbs. Unfortunately, many of these well wishing persons are not familiar with the cautions of medicinal herbs. We easily tend to think that taking natural herbs and plants could not possibly hurt us. However, think again, where do many of our medicines come from? Plants! Although many of these medicines are now produced synthetically, the chemical formulas are from the medicinal herbs. If you are considering to use Black Cohosh in order to encourage your labor to start naturally, please note that this medicinal herb is known to be one that promotes bleeding. Midwives and doctors have seen several women bleed severely after the pregnant mother had induced her labor with this herb. Also, if a cesarean section is required, the need for blood transfusion from excessive blood loss becomes more likely. Note, also, that if you are anemic, you should not take Cohosh as it can worsen your condition. As a bottom line, if you are going to use any herbs to induce your labor naturally, use them cautiously and under supervision of an experienced herbalist. Safer at-home methods to induce labor include nipple stimulation, which helps aid the body in releasing its own natural oxytocin. Another is walking, which keeps you upright and exerts downward pressure on the cervix, helping you toward cervical effacement and dilation. In addition, do not forget about simple relaxation! Anxiety increases the level of stress hormones that may delay your labor. Childbirth Choice Thats Right for You - Deliver This!The above-mentioned methods to induce labor are among the most well-known, regardless - or maybe because - of their "old wives' tales" reputation. Acupressure, on the other hand, has been scientifically proven to be extremely helpful in inducing labor naturally when induction of labor is necessary. Due to an excellent success rate, safety and convenience of using maternity acupressure, it is quickly spreading among the labor care professionals. Maternity acupressure involves the application of pressure onto specific, sensitive points along the human body. Acupressure uses fingers and thumbs, as opposed to needles in acupuncture, to stimulate specific acupressure points. Maternity acupressure method is as simple as locating sensitive spots on your skin and stimulating them by merely pressing the points with your thumb. Thus you can safely use this method at home. Indeed, many pregnancy and labor care professionals recommend pregnant mothers to use Maternity Acupressure in order to prepare their body for labor, help their cervix to dilate, and finally to encourage their labor to start naturally. It is recommended that pregnant mothers treat acupressure points that help to start labor naturally, in order to avoid medical labor induction and ensuring childbirth with minimum amount of medical interventions. About the Author: Are you overdue and tired? You can encourage your labor to start naturally at home and avoid medical induction. Labor acupressure is a simple method that has proven to be effective and safe for the mother and the baby. Visit for more information. Click here for instructions on specific acupressure pressure points for labor induction. Sheryl's comment: I have said it before but it bears repeating. Where's the fire? What's the rush? Yes, I know you are uncomfortable, but that is pregnancy. Your baby is not done yet. Period. Labor will start spontaneously when fetal development is complete. Have you ever heard of a fifty week gestation? Have you ever seen your neighbor's dog explode because labor never started? Just wait! Please! Your baby has a physiological need to stay inside you. Your body will know the optimal time to start labor. Trust me. Trust birth. Trust the fact that when your baby is fully prepared to survive outside of the womb labor will start. And please do not believe your doctor or midwife when they tell you that the chemicals they use to start labor are harmless. They are anything but harmless. Pitocin is cow hormones, Cervidil is pig sperm, and Cytotec is an ulcer medication that is not approved for labor induction. Do you really want to suffocate your baby with cow strength contractions or have pig sperm smeared on your cervix? Do you want your uterus to rupture? Do you want your child to be asphyxiated at birth and have cerebral palsy? Do you want an autism diagnosis three years down the road from the Thimerosol in Pitocin? Come on ladies. Tough it out. You are uncomfortable, yes. So put your feet up, soak in a bath and make people do things for you. You wont have this chance to be lazy and pampered for a long time. Your baby will thank you. Buy the Book: Deliver This! [affilite link] Image Source:

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  • Donna

    Studies have shown that babies that exceed 42 weeks have more respiratory problems and complications from meconium, etc. It cannot be assumed that just because a baby IS still in the womb means that they SHOULD be in the womb.

  • April

    Okay I have to say that not all babies come when they are ready. My last one was 10 days late, we had to induce because he was already 10 lbs. How long was I to wait. My mom went 3 weeks trying to wait for my brother and they had to induce because the placenta was so badly deteriorating so it doesnt always work that way. Each case is individual. I am now 37 weeks with 3 other children one which is 2, not sure my sanity can wait til 42 weeks and where I live its at least 105 every day right now.

  • Emerald

    K first of all not every baby comes just when “they” are ready what about the babies that are born early and are not ready and werent induced? I agree with taking it easy on your last weeks…. Its pretty east to say when you dont have other kids running your life. I am a mother of 2 and I never rushed my other pregnancies my son came at 38 weeks and he wasnt ready but my water was breaking, my daughter came right on time and now Im pregnant with my next little girl and its harder than you think to just sit around waiting. Yeah sure first pregnancies are like " its ok baby stay in there as long as you want" second pregnancies are like “k been there done that and its still ok” third pregnancies along with a couple miscarriages is like " Yeah you can come any day now at 37 weeks" So just to defend pregnant women a bit since its 40 degrees outside and im a walking water balloon I think people with there comments on naturally or not naturally inducing labor should really keep it to themselves. Really there is information all over the net about the risks of it and im sure the prego is going to do a bit of research on the method she chooses before she does it. Its not like we dont love our babies too were just not as patient this time around.

  • Nicole

    I agree with the author to a point. Babies normally come when they are ready. But waiting isn’t always the best either. 3 of mine were overdue, 9 days, 14days and 21 days. My water broke with the first but I never went into labor and ended up induced. With the 14 day over baby, she ended up with meconium and severe breathing difficulties because of it. My last was 21 days over and the placenta had started to deteriorate (the cord even broke when she came out). She had ended up losing weight inside. With the 14 and 21 day babies I used black and blue cohosh. worked on the first but not the second. Did castor oil with the last one finally. No amount of walking, nipple stimulation or sex would get them out. Not everyones body works like it is suppose to.

  • Jessica

    For some of us who are in the midst of high-risk pregnancies, we face the prospect of induction if we go past our due date. I’d much prefer to attempt some natural induction methods in the hopes of preserving my dream of a totally natural delivery.

  • helen alexandra
    helen alexandra

    i think alot of your comments are dangerous and not based on any facts!

  • sandra

    I don’t see why anyone should be attacking the author for trying to put out educational information on NATURAL methods for inducing labor versus ARTIFICIAL. Your Doctor isn’t doing that. Hopefully, your Midwife will. I know, I’m 41 weeks pregnant now and I’m TIRED. But my baby’s health is of the upmost importance to me and my discomfort is not going to force me to stop his/her development just so I can sleep on my stomach again. One thing I haven’t seen mentioned here is sweeping the cervix, which is what my Midwives will be doing for me tomorrow. That, along with pumping, should do the trick.

  • admin


    There are also known risks involved in inductions and cesareans. We cannot assume that just because babies go beyond postdates they should be forced out. I personally would wait until 43 weeks in the absence of any problems.

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    does running help you lose weight

    Nice post. I used to be checking continuously this blog and I am inspired! Extremely helpful info particularly the closing part :) I take care of such information much. I used to be seeking this certain information for a very long time. Thanks and best of luck.

  • Adella Rousey
    Adella Rousey

    A fantastic post like this deserves to become shared

  • Krystal

    Im looking for ways to help induce my labor naturally. They are going to Induce me chemically on May 31st and i really dont want that. im only 38 weeks along will any of these work?
    They are forcing me to be induced at 39 weeks and are going to let me try a VBAC but im more likely to get a csection if i dont go naturally.. I do NOT want another csection..

  • Amelia

    What about when you have to go to a hospital for care? When no midwives or birthing centers will take or help you do it, (either there or at home) because you’re “high risk” for some barely mild complication like type 1 diabetes??? Which has been with you since a kid and that was under control before the dang doctors (interfered) with me when pregnant. Seriously? I would have to pay a midwife triple the amount than a hospital well thats even if I were to ever find a midwife that would even consider helping me or people like me who arent “normal” or non high risk. Not everyone gets to have the nice choice. Then you feel helpless or guilty if your doing it by yourself in your own bathroom and could possibly die without any help all because a label. Nice article though just what do you do when tough it out wont cut it? It’d be nice to just tough it out and not have all that stuff happen to you but even when the other option turns you away or says well you have to be in the hospital anyway. They just dont want to be liable. It’s all a business still. So not all “ladies” want an induction some do dream of that natural birth but cant.Great info though. Agree with Jessica and also agree with Juliette Pryce

  • Juliette Pryce
    Juliette Pryce

    hey there,
    I wasn’t in too much of a hurry with my first child because I was a bit scared but with my second, once he was overdue I couldn’t stand the waiting for him to arrive as so I did try natural methods to hurry him along and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

  • Chelsea

    Waiting it out isn’t exactly an option. I have high blood pressure that is continuing to rise. If 4 days from now she hasn’t made her appearance yet I’m being induced. So as much as I’d like to stay pregnant until she is ready I know that isn’t in the cards and I will do what I can to induce labor naturally so I don’t have to be on Pitocin.

  • Amanda

    I would like to point out that a baby being overdue can be just as dangerous as a baby being born early. If it weren’t for medical intervention, I would not be alive. My mother finally went into labor with me two weeks after her due date. I was so big by that point that my mom could not have me naturally. She went into shock, and I was in fetal distress. After an emergency cesarean, I had to be on a respiratory bag for 5 minutes as I wasn’t able to breathe on my own. So no, not all babies “just come when they’re ready”.

  • Gratis Speicher
    Gratis Speicher

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