The Process Of Natural Childbirth

"I Believe.....That birth is inherently safe. The same loving, intelligent consciousness (All That Is, Goddess, God, Nature) that knows how to grow an egg and a sperm into a human being, knows how to get it out. Our job is simply to relax and trust. Birth is not a function of the conscious mind any more than digestion is." Laura Shanley - Author: Angel Estrella Natural childbirth is defined as a birth that attempts to minimize the intervention of modern medicine, including the use of medications and/or surgical procedures. Experts who believe that natural childbirth is beneficial to both the mother and child feel that anesthetics may increase the possibility of complications during birth due to the fact that the woman may not be capable of pushing properly during the final stages of delivery. Natural childbirth often promotes a healthier delivery overall because it eliminates the risks associated with cesarean sections and possible side effects from certain medications. Lamaze is a technique that is designed to help women who choose to deliver via natural childbirth and provides direction in breathing and relaxation. Regular classes are given at local hospitals or clinics by a qualified individual. The father of the child is usually present for each class in order to provide support for the mother. In most cases, the father of the child will also be in the delivery room, which is why it is so important that he also be present to help learn how to coach the mother on breathing and relaxation exercises. Not all physicians believe that natural childbirth is a positive experience, noting the pain involved as being difficult for the mother. Others believe that it is beneficial as the process of natural childbirth leaves the new mother feeling empowered and also allows her to be alert as the child is brought into the world and placed in her arms. "The British and American experience, now powerfully supported by the Dutch results, tells us convincingly that homebirth and midwives are indeed 'safer than we thought.' Together they offer the safest option. The danger of home as a place of birth does not lie in its threat to the healthy survival of mothers and babies, but in its threat to the healthy survival of obstetricians and obstetric practice." -Diana Korte & Roberta Scaer, A Good Birth, a Safe Birth, Harvard Common Press, 1995 Depending on the expectant mother's overall health, certain labor interventions may often be required in order to ensure a successful and safe childbirth. Whether or not a natural childbirth is an option will be assessed by the physician and the expectant mother. Unless it is a matter of life and death or extreme concern as to the health of the mother or child, the choice will ultimately be left up to the mother as she will have the final say in the delivery method. It is advisable, however, that women listen to their physician and carefully consider his/her recommendations.This article is to be used for informational purposes only and is not intended to be used as professional medical advice. The information contained herein should not be used in place of, or in conjunction with, a doctor's recommendation . Prior to deciding either for or against natural childbirth, the expectant mother must consult a licensed physician for proper diagnosis and a recommendation. About the author: Want to learn more about natural childbirth? Make sure you visit our site at: for access to additional natural childbirth tips and information. Sheryl's comment: Natural childbirth is about much more than "pushing properly" and avoiding a cesarean section. Every expectant mother has a basic human right to experience the primal, magical experience of birth. Medically managed births rob women of this rite of passage. There is simply no way around it. Giving birth in a hospital exposes women and babies to a myriad of unnecessary risks and interventions that benefit the birth attendant because the intervention conveniences them in some way such as a better view or faster delivery. These interventions are always harmful (on some level) to the mother, baby or both. In addition to harming mother and child physically and psychologically, many interventions impede successful breastfeeding which will have physical and psychological ramifications on both the mother and baby for a lifetime. The unfortunate fact is that doctors and many midwives will choose to simply ignore the patient's wishes or birth plan if it does not suit them. Mothers are not choosing to have natural births to be martyrs or because they have a hero complex. They are trying to protect themselves and their baby while welcoming their baby into the world into warm, welcoming arms. P.S. a word to the wise. Never, ever listen to an OBGYN, labor and delivery nurse or certified nurse midwife about "proper pushing". They unfortunately do not know the first thing about pushing. For them, it's all about their view. If give birth at home with a lay midwife or unassisted and you have the luxury of ignoring the idiots, trusting what your body says, and you can get on all fours or squat and you will not have to "push properly" because your uterine contractions will work with gravity to hug your baby out naturally. Image Source:

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  • kolly t
    kolly t

    i need the latest news on child birth process.

  • ear thermometer
    ear thermometer

    giving birth is one of the most crucial time for a mom because of the pain and the risk of death has a very high chance depending on the mother’s condition… but after giving birth, all of the pain will be relieved once you see your angelic baby and hear its cry…

  • Irene

    There are very good article about nature birth process:
    Maybe it’ll be usefull for somebody.

  • kolly

    so nice, but painful feeling during the process. i never wish to be a woman, but i will always give them there due respect as a mother of all

  • Aaron

    I will be an uncle on February 2010. I’m not sure when is the exact date. My brother’s wife going to give birth their first child. I wish the best for them. It’s kinda nervous + excited feeling all mixed together. I’ve seen Youtube video about childbirth and from that moment I realize how pain it was for our mom. And sooner or later, I will be a father (hopefully). By the way, nice article.

  • cindy

    Child birth is such a wonderful process, i was able to see it as a child and it is definitely a life changing event for all involved

  • Indra

    This info are really good article. I believe all to be happy with this. Thank you for sharing with us the information

  • Bagus

    Thanks for this great information, I am following you every step of the way

  • Ginny

    No interventions, please. I firmly believe that the natural child birth process is the best way to bond with your newborn baby. I’ve given birth to three daughters and one son, all natural, and each and every experience was euphoric (after the pain but that only lasts for so long).

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  • Karn

    Interesting read. This is something we have been considering with having my own little bun in the oven :)

    I have heard giving birth in water is very natural and safe, and was wondering whether it would be termed a natural pregnancy?

  • Dean

    Why does it seem doctor's and hospitals are against Natural childbirth?

  • Barry

    Great post
    Did you have successful natural childbirth following an emergency cesarean with the first?

  • benjamin

    giving birth is a very good. good to the mother and father and to the new born.

  • natural birth
    natural birth

    I used a lot of what you said to talk to my OB about having a natural childbirth in a mainstream hospital. My OB was on board with everything except the food thing. When I pointed out that you are pre-surgical all the time she explained that when the hospital knows that you have not eaten and you are not at risk for vomitting they do not have to put in a breathing tube. When you are at risk, due to recently eating, you have to be intubated. Just thought you might want to know what my OB told me.

  • Mayra

    As an labor and delivery nurse of more years that I care to admit (and the mother of three), and I know that it’s hip and cool to think that the medical industry overmedicalizes childbirth, but most women who have a non-cesarean birth will find a slight increase in roominess post-partum. If you were relatively small before conception, that could be good. However, if you consider yourself and your partner to be a good fit, you will probably notice things are a bit more roomy post-partum. Now that is not to say that things are bad or not enjoyable, just looser. Kegels can help, but will probably never give you back the tightness you had before. It’s something that most doctors won’t tell you or will downplay, but it is something that you really don’t want to be surprised with (like I was or many of the post-partum women I’ve talked to months, if not years down the road).

  • Sam

  • Lyndell

    I love your site. I really appreciate that you have taken the time to create such an elaborate one with natural childbirth resources. It makes me want to have another baby!

  • Cabodez

    I used to stand by my wife’s bed when she was struggling herself to give natural birth to both of my children. It’s been the most wonderful experiences in my life when I witnessed the process of the babies delivered right before my eyes. Well, your site is truly inspiring any woman to have the best choice of natural childbirth. Superb!

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