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About Us

Who we Are
A Much Better Way is committed to bringing you the best selection of attachment parenting and natural family living news, advice and products since 2005.

A Much Better Way LLC was launched after store owner, Sheryl Lyon, welcomed her first of two daughters into the world. Like many other natural minded parents, Lyon embarked on a quest to only use the safest products on her baby while saving money at the same time. This led her on an eco friendly adventure that encompassed all aspects of natural family living including natural birth, cloth diapering, baby wearing and healthy, eco friendly living.

We Care
Really? That is what they all say, right? Seriously folks. We are not just pushing products here. We are utterly passionate about attachment parenting and natural, earth friendly living. You just don’t need a lot of stuff to be a terrific parent. You need to love your child unconditionally, trust your instincts and hold them close. You don’t need cribs, strollers, playpens, bottles, bouncy seats, fancy diaper bags or even diapers (check out EC). Natural parenting is simple, healthier for everyone and so much better for the earth.

It is not important to us that you purchase nontoxics and organics from us. They are simply one alternative to their toxic, mainstream counterparts. Use olive oil from your kitchen as a moisturizer and we are ecstatic. Use EC instead of diapers. Craft your own sling wrap from a length of fabric. Re-use, borrow, buy from Craigslist. Get some old prefolds from your Aunt Matilda and make some wool covers from some wool sweaters you buy at Goodwill. It really is, all good.

Judging You
We sometimes receive feedback from parents that are very upset because they feel judged for using formula, a crib, having a cesarean or anything else that doesn’t fall in line with a natural family living lifestyle. Of course we do not judge you. Never. Ever. We know you, as a parent, love your child with all your heart and you do the best you can with the tools, situation and information you have at your disposal. We are only trying to show the natural options so you are equipped to make an informed decision. Remember, being “pro-breasfeeding” does not mean we are “anti-mothersdoingthebesttheycan”. We love you all.

That said, we do judge (rather harshly) the system than encourages and profits from surgical birth, artificial infant food, routine infant circumcision and many of the mainstream baby accessories that new parents are pressured to purchase if they want to be “good parents” but end up separating baby from parents.

A Much Better Way TV
Our TV channel was created as an fresh medium and online learning tool to bring current events, product news and informative interviews to the AMBW community. If you are interested in being interviewed for your idea, product, book or passion, let us know. We are always looking for like minded individuals who want to take part on our show.

The retail store, Betterra, was a natural progression after Lyon saw a need for a shopping environment where buyers could find a full range of natural family living products including hard to find niche items produced by creative, work at home parents.

What’s In A Name
Betterra is a combination of “BETTER” and “TERRA” putting better and earth in one word. Our mission is to provide products that are better/safer for human beings, better/safer for the environment and in many cases, better for your wallet.

You can say “BETTER-ra” or you can say “bet-TERRA” We usually use the second pronuciation but either one works for us.

What We Sell
We are so excited about all of our products that promote attachment parenting and natural family living! Our cornerstone product is cloth diapers and we carry all the styles and the most popular brands (let us know if we are missing your favorite!). We also stock baby carriers, products for all aspects of natural motherhood, jewelry for mom and baby, natural bath and body items and non-toxic toys.

What We Don’t Sell
Perhaps as important as the terrific selection of products we carry, are the products that we choose not to stock in our store. We will not sell any items that undermine breastfeeding such as pacifiers (even nontoxic ones) and baby formula. We do not carry any plastic toys or items with BPA or other toxins. We stand by our attachment parenting philosophy and because our specialty is products that bring babies closer to their parents, we do not carry items that separate babies from their parents such as cribs, strollers and carseats. Grab those things at Babies R Us if you want them and then come back here for your attachment parenting items.

(Side note:Car seats are 100% non-negotiable for car travel but they are simply not our niche. We would prefer a perfect world where parents everywhere wore their babies while walking, hiking or using public transportation to keep baby close and save the environment at the same time).

Shipping and Returns:
Shipping is fast, reliable and easy. Standard shipping $5.00 for US orders under $25.00 and free after that. You can pay more and get your products even faster if you like. We work with Amazon to store our products at a warehouse in Indiana and their state of the art storage centers are able to ship your products in record time, in some cases within hours. Track your packages right here in our store.

International shipping is available by clicking the International Checkout button in first checkout page of our store.

Returns are also easy. Basically it boils down to this, if you don’t like it, we are not going to make you keep it. Want to know more? Check out our complete shipping and return policy.

Payment and Security
Paying online can be a leap of faith for many people. That is why we try put as much trust back in the transaction as possible. Our SSL is through Geotrust (look for the green bar in your browser bar at checkout) and our payment gateway is Paypal. We never store your credit card numbers, in fact we don’t see them at all because Paypal is processing the transaction directly through our site. You can also pay externally through Google Checkout, Paypal or Amazon checkout. Our entire inventory is also listed for sale on so you can even make all your purchases through Betterra’s Storefront on Amazon.

Giving Back
We believe that it is important to give back and two charities that we love are and 1-888-US-Women which helps American women in abusive relationships living overseas safely return home.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions, comments, product suggestions or concerns. For the fastest response, please contact us through email. As a small, family owned business, we answer phone calls when we can and all calls with be answered within two business days. Emails will be answered much sooner.

All correspondence, via telephone, email or postal mail, will be answered within 2 business days after receipt, if not much sooner.