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The New Kamasutra

Kamasutra: New Kamasutra Kamasutra is about much more than giving in to your sexual desires and more than a simple series of sexual poses. Sex, in the Kamasutra, is a small piece of a much larger picture of living a refined, educated and cultured life. It is about the relationship you share with your partner […]

A Much Better Way Giveaways

Mindfulness During Lovemaking

“Being stuck in the past-future shuffle in the bedroom robs you of your full presence to be with your partner (or with yourself). During foreplay, you may be thinking about the laundry that needs to get done or the report that’s due for work. Meanwhile, with your mind in those places, you lose the opportunity […]

The Joy of Tantric Massage

The reason that the Tantric Arts are gaining such popularity in our culture recently is due to one of the more pleasurable side affects. When the Kundalini is awakened, or drawn out, it also awakens the sexual energy in the body. The Kundalini is different and distinct from the sexual energy, but the two are […]

Sacred Higher Sex

The following tantric teachings may be utilized in your life to reach a level of trust and understanding with your partner. Once understood and accepted the benefits are tremendous; including but not limited to a much more fulfilling sex life. It does not take an inordinate amount of time and study and the benefits can […]


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