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Prepare for New Baby with These Tried and True Items

Search the net and you’re sure to find list upon list of what you need for a new baby. Most of those lists go way overboard. Babies don’t usually need much at all. Here’s a list of what I found, through my own experiences, to be the most useful.


Plenty of t-shirts and sleepers – If you only want to do laundry every few days figure around 4 t-shirts, and 2 sleepers per day. This may be a bit more than necessary on most days, but there will always be the occasional day, or days, when baby is spitting up more than normal, or has messy blow-outs. You’ll appreciate the extra tees.

Diapers and Wipes

Disposables or Cloth – In today’s internet world, you will find diapers and wipes in variety of styles, patterns and personalities. The options are even wider for cloth than they are for disposables, can you imagine? There are some really ingenious designs that make diapering a baby’s tush almost seem exciting! And the following within the cloth diaper community feels the same way. However, beware, you may end up needing to one day admit “My name is ___. And I’m a cloth diaper addict.”

Can’t talk yourself into cloth? No worries, the disposable diapers have come along way and while they aren’t soft natural cotton and wool, they do keep your baby dry and don’t leak. How much of each? Only keep a couple jumbo packs of disposables on hand at a time. Babies grow so fast you aren’t always able to gauge how soon they’ll be into the next size. Planning on using cloth? A dozen or two dozen would probably be a good start. What I’ve seen is that cloth diapers are an addictive thing and you may end up with wonderful cloth diapers coming out your ears! Wipes? I always buy by the package and sometimes by the box. Making your own? A yard of flannel or fleece would probably yield a good start.


Receiving blankets; those itty bitty blankets you wrap a newborn in, but after the first month aren’t good for much baby wrapping. But if you, like most women, end up with a few dozen of them, they make great lap pads, burp pads, and for mom, use them to wrap your hair when you get out of the shower – they are light-weight so they don’t fall over when you are tending to baby, or use them as a nursing pad when you are bra-less. They work just fine. They may also be used when baby is going bare – to catch any accidents. On the other hand, a couple of really nice, kid-sized blankets are must have!

Sling or Carrier

The online mothering community has been inundated with every type of baby sling and carrier you could imagine, and then some; padded to unpadded slings, pouches, wraps and carriers. These, like cloth diapers, may lead to addiction, tread with caution! But a good carrier is a must have. You even see mothers in the public eye touting their babes in slings nowadays. It’s no longer alternative, having paved a path into mainstream.

Structured carriers are great too. Do some research and where possible, give one a test run. Some communities offer baby wearing classes and have slings you can test. Some online shops will even send you a used sling to try, reserving cost on your credit card – then applied back when you return the carrier.

Sleeping Area
Co-sleeping has become more commonplace practice, but it isn’t always for everyone. Not to mention, some moms, even the attachment parenting mom would like a place to lay baby. Some ideas include a bassinet or cradle, a travel crib, a Moses basket, or many others. This is something you may need to experiment with to find the best fit for you and the baby. Different stages of babyhood may require some changes.

Pad an out of the walk-way area of the floor with a couple receiving blankets and make a little nest for baby to lay. No extra expense.

Required:Car Seat
Unless you live in a walking/biking community, chances are you’ll need a car seat. For safety’s sake, do your research on this one. An infant seat is nice when you can take it in and out of the car easily while baby sleeps, but any secure, up-to-date infant approved car seat is great, necessary! Also, take note that not all car seats fit all cars.

Optional: Stroller
Most mothers who “wear” their babies say you don’t need a stroller. Strollers don’t have to receive use directly from the baby to be useful. It comes in handy to carry coats and jackets, drinks, purse or diaper bag, extra diapers, change of clothes, not to mention any purchased items on your outing. As an added benefit, it leaves mom pretty hands free – you get really good at pushing a stroller with one hand! If you opt for a stroller, choose one that has drink carriers.

Bouncy Seat
A bouncy seat comes in handy so often, that while I’d classify it as “optional”, for myself, it was necessary. I loved our bouncy seat as much as baby enjoyed it. I carried it everywhere with me, to the bathroom for instance. It was a great baby holder while I took care of bathroom duties, did the dishes and cooked dinner. Baby and I would sing, talk and play while I got chores done.

Diaper Bag
Any bag with a couple pockets works well. The younger the baby, the bigger the bag needed. As baby grows and has less accidents (i.e. spit up, bottom blow-outs), you’ll get more efficient at packing just what you may need. Don’t go overboard on a diaper bag with all the frills. A nice canvas bag, decorated by you and siblings, will work as a great bag for outings. Toss in a couple gallon-sized baggies for messes, a couple of receiving blankets for padding and you’re good to go!

Author: Judi Cox
About the author: Judi Cox is a work at home mom living in the Ohio Valley with her husband and 4 children. Judi’s current online interests include working on two of her websites and

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30 Responses to “Prepare for New Baby with These Tried and True Items”

  1. Thanks for suggesting the bouncy seat. I didn’t automatically think of this baby item and it totally makes sense. Like you said it makes life easier for mom in certain situations by keeping baby occupied in a fun activity.

    Posted by Jaki | August 19, 2008, 10:31 pm
  2. I would suggest adding a wireless baby monitor to the above list. They make a world of difference in parent comfort and confidence during sleep hours.

    Posted by Bob | May 19, 2009, 3:11 pm
  3. Don’t forget a baby video monitor would be a very wise purchase. It gives real peace of mind to be able to see your baby without necessarily disturbing him.

    Posted by Russ Marsh | August 3, 2009, 2:44 pm
  4. Great information. Don’t overlook the role of baby monitors as an accessory for any nursery. Two way monitors don’t just allow parents to listen to their babies, but they can also talk back to them to calm and sooth their child – all from another room!

    Posted by David | November 15, 2009, 10:06 am
  5. this is a great list and I am really glad to see you included baby slings. These are great especially during the first few months of life when baby needs to be held more. Baby wearing allows parent and child to bond more easily and that is so important for child development. It also allows parent to get on with other things – I am still amazed by one comment from someone with a premie that needed constant holding, once she got a baby sling she was able to get on with vacumming while baby slept happily attached to her!

    Posted by Liz | November 19, 2009, 8:59 am
  6. There must be a lot of expectant parents thanking you for this excellent list.

    I would just like to add to the list a couple of toys such as rattles and so on, also a nice soft toy that your baby may well treasure for life can make nice additions.

    Posted by Candy | January 4, 2010, 12:22 pm
  7. If you’re in the position to do so, consider an infant car seat as a gift. They are pricey (especially the better quality ones like Peg Perego), but it’s a super thoughtful gift not only for the cost, but for taking the time and effort out of shopping for one. You can find good information on how to choose your seat as well as well where to get a good price from a reputable seller (do it online – it’s not like you pick a size/color etc, and it’s generally cheaper too!)

    Also, consider that by the time most women have a baby shower, they are already at the point of general discomfort and fatigue, so doing some of the research and shopping on their behalf is awesome!

    Posted by Carrick | January 5, 2010, 4:26 pm
  8. A good list. I would add a bucket to that if you are doing cloth diapers.

    Also I didn’t bother with any monitors because we co-slept. It’s a much better way to go.

    Posted by Kiera | January 18, 2010, 5:45 am
  9. You know, the bouncy seats works like a charm. My child absolutely loves it, I would think they make great gifts for newborns, especially for baby showers.

    Posted by Asim | January 22, 2010, 6:54 pm
  10. Great list, and you’re right… babies don’t ‘need’ a lot of stuff. Most of it is a want by the parents to make their life easier.

    Posted by Chris | January 22, 2010, 11:52 pm
  11. The advices here are indeed helpful, i would also suggest on colorful pictures on baby accessories and toys like Winnie the pooh that can make the babies happy and playful

    Posted by Henry | January 27, 2010, 1:30 pm
  12. I would personally put some kind of baby monitor as a first item on my new baby shopping list. It is one of the most practical items for new parents and let´s you find a couple more moments of rest. Learn to trust the monitors because they really do perform.

    All the baby really needs for itself are the parents.

    Posted by Donna | February 6, 2010, 3:26 pm
  13. Wow! That’s quite an extensive list.

    I’m with you on how necessary the bouncy seat is! Just imagine when you have tons of chores to do while your pre-schooler is bugging you for help while your baby is craving for your attention. Let the bouncy seat entertain your baby while you attend to all other needs. Simple!

    However, be sure to read reviews before you purchase as not all bouncy seat may suit your baby.

    Posted by Ash | February 12, 2010, 7:35 pm
  14. You wouldn’t believe how long ive been looking for something like this. Went through 6 pages of Yahoo results and couldn’t find anything. First page of Bing. There was this… Gotta start using this more often

    Posted by 3 wheeler buggy | February 23, 2010, 9:29 am
  15. Great list here for first time mums. You really dont need to be to extravagant when buying for a newborn, they grow out of everything so quickly.

    Posted by Kate | March 10, 2010, 4:48 pm
  16. Great post! It’s crazy how many things you need when you first have a baby that you don’t even realize. While you may not really have to have them all, they sure do make those first few years a heck of a lot easier, which is always welcomed!

    Posted by Dustin | March 24, 2010, 6:54 pm
  17. Awesome post! This is something most parents miss out and think that they can make do with non-specialized baby products. Just as many commentors here, bouncer seats are certainly a great help!

    Posted by John | April 18, 2010, 4:32 am
  18. Because there are so many things you need for babies, its helpful to buy combo products that serve multiple purposes in one piece of equipment. For example, the Peg Perego Tatamia high chair also turns into a swing and a toddler chair. The Taga bike replaces a bike, a bike trailer, a child bike seat, and turns into a stroller.

    There are so many new convertible products for babies nowadays.

    Posted by Dee | May 10, 2010, 2:33 pm
  19. Great article. There is associated with great info right, although I did want to allow you know something – I’m running Redhat using latest experiment with of Chrome, and the actual design associated with the blog is kind of flaky for me. I read the articles, the actual navigation doesn’t work so good.

    Posted by ballroom dancing instructional dvd | May 15, 2010, 10:35 am
  20. I guess every mother needs strollers so as to take baby outside and make him comfortable you cannot carry the baby all the time

    Posted by kate | May 24, 2010, 9:21 pm
  21. baby toys and car seats and strollers that is very good for the kids

    Posted by Dustin | June 1, 2010, 9:57 pm
  22. Great List of Baby Necessities.

    Posted by Sandra | July 3, 2010, 8:00 pm
  23. Informative post. I am forwarding this link to one of my friend as she is going to become mother. It would really help her a lot.

    Posted by prashantsnv | August 16, 2010, 1:57 pm
  24. I know it’s not an absolute necessity, but I certainly got a lot of use out of a baby swing. There were times when it seemed nothing else would soothe my fussy little daughter and it did free my hands up so I could sterilize bottles, etc.

    Posted by Dee | August 30, 2010, 6:35 am
  25. That’s quite an extensive list.

    Posted by baby bouncer for sale | September 15, 2010, 6:42 am
  26. I think the most important thing is a loving family and a safe environment :)

    Posted by Sheila | September 7, 2011, 7:22 pm
  27. I certainly would agree with some of the others that have commenting about adding a baby monitor to the list.

    I am a grandfather of 5 beautiful grand kids and I always buy each new grand child a baby monitor and have become somewhat an expert on baby monitors. I know they can be lifesaving devices and would encourage every new parent to invest in one. I feel that I have make each grand child a little safer.

    Posted by Al | September 18, 2011, 6:50 am


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