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Love and Marriage: Why Sex is an Important Part

via Rich Bowen,

via Rich Bowen,

Getting married comes with the expectation that you and your spouse will have sex on a regular basis. In fact, some states do not even recognize a marriage as legal and valid until it has been consummated. As you progress through married life, it can be easy to get distracted with all of the other concerns in your daily lives. You and your spouse may worry about money, buying a house, or taking on any multitude of things that come up in life. However, despite the many ups and downs you both will face, it is important to connect on a physical level once in awhile.

You can resolve to keep your sex life happy and healthy by realizing its many benefits to your marriage.

Sex and the Physical Connection

All couples go through phases when it feels like you are emotionally distant from each other. You may have had a prolonged spell of bickering or just been too busy to laugh and talk with each other like you used to. When you and your spouse have sex, however, you both are able to reconnect on a physical level and enjoy that physical energy that comes from making love to each other.

When your lovemaking session has ended, you both may feel renewed and reconnected, despite the previous bickering and emotional distance. Having sex reminds you both that you are one entity rather than two separate people in this marriage.

Married Sex Makes You Feel Loved

Marital sex stands in stark contrast to its pre-marital counterpart in one key way: Married sex reminds you that you are loved and wanted. When unmarried people have one night stands or engage in sex with someone who they do not plan to spend future time with, they often feel guilty and used afterward. However, when you have sex with your spouse, you both are reminded that you chose and love each other and that you want to be together.

Newlyweds often have no problem finding the incentive to have sex on a regular basis. However, as you and your spouse proceed through life, you both may lose your creativity and daring streak to spice up your sex life. You can heat things up in the bedroom by taking a few helpful hints.

Lose Your Inhibition

It is important that you lose the barriers to your creativity and remember what sex can be like when you were first married. You may be afraid of making noise or damaging the furniture. However, you should remember to avoid putting much stock in what your neighbors think. Likewise, furniture is much sturdier than it looks, and it can be repaired if necessary. Being willing to lose your inhibitions can add spice to your sex life.

Talk to a Life Coach

If you still cannot heat things up in your bedroom, you and your spouse can benefit by speaking with a life coach. This individual can help you identify barriers in your sex life and help you discover ways to overcome them. A life coach can be a discreet and therapeutic individual who can help you keep your sex life alive and vital. You can find a life coach in your area by searching through the Noomii coach directory at Noomii(dot)com.

While being married can bring a whole new set of life challenges, it is vital that you remember your marital sex life. Keeping your sex life active can help you keep your marriage strong and healthy.


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Melanie Fleury has been married for ten years and knows the ups and downs that are a part of married sex life. She has found that her sex life has a direct relation to how well her and her spouse are communicating about all aspects of their lives. If you and/or your spouse need help in your relationship, finding a life coach is a great way to have a non biased view into what may or may not be working. Life coaches can be found all over the country by looking at the Noomii coach directory which can be found on Noomii(dot)com.

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