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Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini Energy

We all have energy within us that is curled up and dormant, like a snake, curling up our spine, waiting to be awakened. This energy is Kundalini. Nothing awakens Kundalini more than allowing your mental chatter of past and future to settle and simply existing in the present. Yoga and meditation practices are especially useful at awakening this powerful and sexual spirit.

“Kundalini is the supreme cosmic enlightening energy, that resides inside us, deep at the core of our being. Kundalini is the most powerful force in the Universe, and brings enlightenment to our world. Your Kundalini awakens the manifesting being in your life! Anything you wish to manifest is possible with an awakened Kundalini.” How to Awaken Your Kundalini

The age old yoga practice of Kundalini is quite different from other ancient religious practices that attempt to gain an elevated spiritual state. While most of the religious practices prefer asceticism and sexual abstinence as a way to uplift soul, Kundalini yoga considers carnal indulgence as a medium to increase self exploration. This practice of yoga lays great emphasis on leading a healthy sexual life.

Kundalini yoga suggests to “feel sex” instead of “merely performing sex.” According to this Yogic philosophy there could no better way to mutual exploration process than the act of copulation. This yoga vehemently condemns the widespread connotation that sex is an impediment in attaining higher state of being.

Kundalini yoga practice is basically termed as fiery practice as it requires you to be very active. Kundalini not only helps you gain increased levels of sexual prowess but also contributes to your worldly success by providing you with required mental peace and energy. The concept of Kundalini says that spinal sexual energy is potent enough to offer great mental strength and wisdom.

The energy associated with Kundalini concept is one of the most powerful kind that flows in an energy canal inside the body that is known as Shushumna. There is also a second energy channel throughout the body. In women this additional channel of energy is called “Pingala” while men possess “Ida” canal of energy.

The Kudalini suggests that the male and female partners first attain equal level of energy before copulating. To that end, you should practice various tantric yoga meditations and asanas that will help you attain complete rejuvenation as well as a higher level of being. The energy gained after practicing this type of Tantric Yoga is unmatchable. Equipped with incredible energy and elevated physical and mental state, you will be able to experience optimum sexual pleasure and mutual exploration.

“The benefits of “full-body” orgasm are many. Full-body orgasm frees [you] from stress and tensions, heals your prostate gland, opens your heart and connects you deeper to your lover and yourself. It also facilitates you in experiencing multiple orgasms.”

The hallmark of Kundalini Yoga lies in its philosophy of strong connection between carnal indulgence and spirituality. But many people find it too difficult to practice ejaculation control that is a common Kundalini practice. Men who practice Kundalini, still have orgasms, multiple orgasms in fat, but they refrain from ejaculating. This practice of ejaculation control often results in full body orgasms and increased level of Kundalini energy in the body which can have profound effects on the experience for both partners.

Like other yoga forms Kundalini is also gaining world wide popularity. Kundalini is very powerful and comes with many spiritual and physical advantages, but you may want to take up your Kundalini practices in consultation with an expert tantra yogi. There are reports of people with awakened Kundalini who have been incapacitated by the energy and basically ostracized and mistreated by the medical community, who obviously do not have the tools to treat a condition that they deny exists.

“When you awaken …[your Kundalini].. for the first time, you receive a spiritually enlightening experience that can last for days, weeks or months. You then realize who you are is something much bigger than anything you presumed before. You see that you are unlimited consciousness, eternal energy, outrageous creativity and divinely inspired intelligence at all times.”

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  2. I have been practicing yoga for about a year now, but it’s been highly westernized forms. I have been longing to dig deeper to understand the full capabilities of yoga. It sounds like Kundalini me be the form to help me tap into my deeper potential.

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