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Cesarean Section

C Section Video

Here is a nice short c section video to add to our childbirth video library. It is very clear from this c section video that a cesarean section is not simple or painless. It is major abdominal surgery. Just because the mother is anesthetized, does not mean she will not suffer after the surgery.

Update: This video was removed by the user

Note: This entry has been edited because numerous mothers who have had or are planning cesareans found it offensive. While we find the cesarean rate to be deplorable, we blame the medical industry who is capitalizing on the trust and fear of women. We do not in any way blame the mother or think that a cesarean makes you “less of a mother”. If anything, we believe that women who experience an unnecessary cesarean are victims (whether they realize it or not). That said, we do not want to add to the pain and suffering of victims and are not in the business of causing pain, rather we want to educate women so they know that homebirth is the best place to be if you want to avoid a cesarean in the first place (or second place or third place). Peace to all birthing women and mothers everywhere.

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17 Responses to “C Section Video”

  1. i like to learn everyting about vagina childbirth and labor for CD,DVD and movie.

    Posted by suamiaasl | December 27, 2007, 7:17 am
  2. i have just read your article on c sections, i had two c sections not by choice, my first born was in distress, her hearbeat had slowed dramitacaly and she had passed merconium inside me, and would not have been born healthy if i did not have a c section, my son was also born by c section after 2 failed attempts at induction and due to the risks involved with inducing labour due to having a previous section, i was advised to opt for another c section. some people do not have a choice and many babies(and mothers) would die or the babies suffer severe problems like cerebal palsy if this procedure was not carried out. your article is a complete load of rubbish!! i am all for natural childbirth but for some women a c section is the only option, my children are both healthy and do not appear affected by their “barbaric” entry into the world.

    Posted by sam larbey | October 1, 2008, 10:37 am
  3. @sam larbey:

    Thanks for writing! I have to wonder what caused the distress, heartbeat issues and meconium in your firstborn. Oftentimes, the care providers are the ones who create the need for a cesarean with inductions, immobile positions, horizontal birthing positions, etc.

    The point is that most are unnecessary but I do not think anyone will argue that 5% or so do save lives. Please read Pushed by Jennifer Block to learn more.

    I am very happy that you and your babies are healthy however. Congratulations! :)

    Posted by Natural Childbirth | October 13, 2008, 9:21 am
  4. While there may be benefits to a certain manner of birthing. This article presents none. Given that instead of articulated benefits the author most resort to shock and emotional appeal, I would be inclined to believe there are not any.

    Now, to pre-empt the three rebuttals you’d intuitively provide:

    First, the fact that some medical procedure is shocking or repugnant does not discredit it as an effective procedure. Use of maggots on burn victims to clean the tissue is an awful sight to look, but effective.

    Second, loaded language does not attest to the quality of the procedure. One can declare a vaginal birthing to be just a traumatic experience to. Imagine being the contents of a violent and bloody effluvium while suffocated and compressed, helpless and unable to move.

    Third, the fact that a action is “natural” which is probably not true for a horizontal birthing anyways does not establish it as more healthy. Arsenic is natural and unpleasant to ingest. Likewise HIV is quite natural to and not a desirable condition.

    Now, I suppose, either you’ll explain actual benefits of a certain manner of birthing, a great service to the reader, or explain your position with more loaded language and attack my post, not at a warrant level but with the logical fallacy of attacking myself and not the quality of my arguments. This appears to be a professional website, so I do hope its the former and not the latter.

    Posted by Information not Rhetoric | January 2, 2009, 7:18 pm
  5. @Information not Rhetoric:

    Thanks for writing. You are right that our commentary is more emotional than “statistic based”. Birth is emotional and just as a woman who was impregnated via rape rather than lovemaking would understandably be emotional, so are the millions of women who have had birth stolen from them due to medicalization of childbirth.

    The only reason to take the emotion out of our commentary (or at least tone it down) is because women who are the victims of birth rape or traumatic birth may be further traumatized.

    I don’t think anyone, anywhere will argue that there is a time and place for cesareans and we are all grateful for that option should a legitimate emergency arise such as a placenta previa or cord prolapse. The problem is of course, unnecessary interventions.

    As long as you are discussing facts and statistics, we would love to see any evidence you can produce that shows horizontal birthing positions are in any way preferable to a vertical birthing position (other than benefiting the caregiver).

    Posted by Natural Childbirth | January 3, 2009, 3:10 pm
  6. It makes me infuriated to read something as silly as ‘women who have had birth stolen from them.’ The point is to get the baby out in the best way, NO WOMAN should feel bad or defeated because she couldn’t deliver naturally.

    Childbirth is barbaric. If there are ways to make the experience easier and less painful both for the mother and the baby through medical advances then one would be out of his mind to be against it. Think of the millions of women who have died for centuries during childbirth. Yes it was natural. Nature is cruel.

    Posted by diana daniel | April 10, 2009, 6:29 pm
  7. How on earth can you begin to make psychological damage claims. I found your article ridiculously uniformed. You are stating opinion and judgement rather than any kind of scientific fact. Honestly did you just write those words for shock value and to scare women into not electing c-sections. Go do some research on infant and mother mortality rates before the c-section rate when up. Most women don’t CHOOSE to have c-sections but if they end up needing one there is no way that they should be made to feel guilty from it and think that they will be harming there child. Your article is just irresponsible.

    Posted by holly | April 17, 2009, 6:27 am
  8. @holly:

    Thanks for writing Holly. This was not written for shock value but rather out of utter exasperation at the rising cesarean rates and the fact that doctors are “sectioning” women for convenience and profit. We find it appalling but your point was well made and the post has been edited to reflect your comments.

    In addition, we never, ever feel that it is the mother’s fault, that she did anything wrong or that she is any less of a mother as a result of a cesarean, whether necessary or not. We believe that women who are given unnecessary cesareans when they could have safely delivered vaginally are the unwitting victims in a system that has spiraled out of control.

    Posted by Natural Childbirth | April 20, 2009, 10:15 am
  9. @diana daniel:

    I know it runs counter to everything we learn about childbirth from the time we are children, but natural childbirth in a home setting (for low risk women) is a beautiful, magical and spiritual experience.

    You are absolutely right however that women should not be made to feel bad or defeated because they did not deliver naturally. It is not women’s fault that the modern birthing system is a mess. It is painfully tragic that we are made to believe that this way of delivering is somehow “the best”.

    Posted by Natural Childbirth | April 20, 2009, 10:18 am
  10. I stumbled accross your site while searching for info on C-sections, and i started reading… after reading a few comments i see both sides of the story and possably what you are getting at… lets see if i am right…. A mother should be informed of her choices to the max, and if there is a better chance at natural… ops ( correstion ) vaginal birth, then why not exsplore that option before going through such a procedure. What say do i have in this??? i have had 4 s-sections, the last resulting in placenta previa 4, and it was very scary and very tromatic. Thankfully both baby and I came through…. just. My first was breach, but after much time i had to wonder if i had been the reciever of a closer watch on my pregnacy, things may have been differant….( perhaps they may have been able to turn her? ) but too much time had passed by the time i got to see the doctor, making it too late to turn her. The 2nd we did try to have a vaginal birth but it didnt happen, im really not sure why, so my second daughter was an emergancy c-section too. The 3rd i had no choice… so they told me, and she was a booked surgery. That brings us to my 4th section, which at 29 weeks and 3 days my 4th daughter was born. 1 doctor told me i would be lucky to see 30 weeks, i was NOT told that when i went to the gynacologist for advice befor falling pregnate. Dont get me wrong im thankful that we are ok, but after 8units of blood….. not to mention the 8 weeks in hospital…. need i say more, so what i am getting at would be…. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL THE INFO YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON…. i have no issues with c-sections, i wouldnt be here with out them, but… please dont ever choose to have 1. Big hugs, Tammy xxx

    Posted by Ms Tammy Ewida | December 3, 2009, 1:45 am
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  12. hi feel i need to comment here. i went into labor at 36 weeks an with no pain killers was in labor for almost 20hrs the last 5.5hrs pushing.There was no chance my son was going to b delivered vaginaly,i was taken in for a c-section , i was put completly under an slept thru the entire procedure, giving me no memory of his birth.when he was pulled out he was not breathing an was “grey an floppy”. he was airlifted to a better more equipt hospital.he was put on a breathing machime an oxygen.I was not released from the hospital i had him in for 3days, an rushed to him as soon as i was released.Thankfully after 9 days I was able to take him home with no further complications. I am grateful that I was given the c-section as he would not be here if I hadnt. I do feel how ever at a loss that I have no memory of him coming into this world. Nothing can change that feeling but i love him just the same. I missed his birth an his first 3 days of life but he is alive thanks to the c-section. get ur facts striaght.

    Posted by tracy | June 23, 2010, 6:29 pm
    • Sheryl Lyon

      Thank you for sharing your story. There are always situations where a cesarean saves lives. There are 8 or 9 times as many where a cesarean is performed unnecessarily. Those are the ones we want to help women avoid if possible.

      Posted by admin | July 3, 2010, 7:36 pm
  13. Hello Diana im impressed with your amazing studies on life and all its resouces natural and science.From reading your page help understand more myself and what i seek in the spitural realm,mental,and body.thank for this valuable information.
    YOuve came a long way bunny.

    Posted by John R. McCoy | December 19, 2010, 6:33 am
  14. C-section surgery is not mutilation! I find your choice of words highly offensive. I do agree that many may be done unnecessarily but you need to keep in mind the cases where it is necessary and that many women, including myself, DO NOT have a choice. Comments like this only add to the feeling that I am missing out on something that is fundamental to my femininity.

    Posted by Julie Olivieri | July 14, 2011, 12:26 am
  15. Sheryl Lyon

    It is your body and YOUR choice. Nobody should ever make a mother feel guilty for her choices. We just don’t like the birthing system that frequently misleads women into unnecessary medical births. If your comment refers to your current pregnancy then our wish is that you have a guilt free pregnancy, a blissful birth in whatever way is right for you and a babymoon that you will remember into old age. Please come back and tell us when your little one is here.

    Posted by admin | November 25, 2011, 9:58 pm
  16. As a matter of fact it was NOT my choice as my c-sections were medically necessary after trying to have my first two children vaginally. If I had the choice, I wouldn’t have opted for my children to arrive via major surgery. Please be respectful of that.

    Posted by Julie Olivieri | November 26, 2011, 3:02 pm

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