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How to Buy a Green Home: What Your Realtor Should Look For


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How to Buy a Green Home: What Your Realtor Should Look For

As residential utility prices continue to rise, you may be interested in buying a new house that has green technology available. Because green technology and energy efficient home fixtures are gaining popularity, it is entirely possible for you to buy a new house that already has most or all of the green fixtures in it that you would need for a comfortable and low-cost lifestyle. However, as popular as green technology is, it can be difficult to spot a house on the market that makes these amenities available.

Finding an energy efficient home to buy can require that you work with a qualified real estate agent and know what green fixtures to look for in your home-buying pursuits.

Energy Efficient Windows

Keeping a home energy efficient can involve having the right windows installed for this purpose. As you look at houses on the market, it is important that your real estate agent take particular note of the windows and ensure that they are energy efficient before showing you the home. You can spot energy efficient windows by looking for tell-tale signs of tinting and window placement. Tinting helps the windows block out heat and sun in the hottest part of the day, while window placement helps with harnessing the sun’s solar energy for a home that is capable of functioning in part or entirely off this resource.

Green Roofing

Your real estate agent may also be on the lookout for homes that have energy efficient roofing. While many homes have traditional asphalt shingles on their roofs, this type of shingle does not always keep out the heat, sun, and wind. Asphalt roofs can actually cause your electric and gas bills to be higher. However, many people who favor energy efficient rooftops opt instead for roofing made out of ceramic tile or even recycled vegetation. These roofing materials are more energy efficient and capable of deflecting the weather’s harshest conditions to keep the house within more comfortable.

Energy Efficient Siding

As you and your agent look at the houses for sale in your area, you may also take into consideration each home’s siding. Home siding comes in many different varieties today; however, some are more energy efficient than others. If you want to avoid using materials that are expensive and not capable of keeping down your utility bills, you may look for houses that specifically use green siding materials. You can check out houses that are sided with fiber cement, a mixture of sand, concrete, and cellulose fibers that give this siding a look that mimics wood. You can also look for houses that are sided with vinyl, another low-cost and entirely energy efficient choice. Both of these materials keep out heat and help lower utility bills. They also are non-toxic and pose no threat to the environment.

While you look for an energy efficient home, you may contemplate the real reasons for why you want your home to feature as much green technology as possible. Aside from the fact that green technology is very trendy right now, you also might come to realize that energy efficient homes have distinct benefits that include:

  • Fixtures covered by long warranties
  • Lower heating and cooling costs
  • Durability to last for years

These benefits and more can help you decide to buy a home that uses green technology in its fixtures. As one Washington real estate publication states, “green” features not only are environmentally friendly but they save the homeowner money in the long run. You and your agent can find an energy efficient house to suit you by looking for several important elements.


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