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Childbirth Preparation

Dealing With The Third Trimester

Author: Elysiana Canlas

After weeks of counting, it finally comes to that crucial third trimester of your pregnancy. The primary concern of pregnant women during this period is premature birth.

Medical experts said that beginning 28 weeks, a fetus can survive outside the mother’s womb provided the lungs are developed enough. Birth at less than 37 weeks is considered premature however and poses a myriad of complications both to the mother and child.

The following are some useful tips to deal with your third trimester pregnancy:

1.Always consult your doctor.*
Prenatal check-ups are a must. Your doctor will suggest the frequency of the visit depending on laboratory results and you and your baby’s condition. Your doctor will guide you also on what to expect as ‘that time’ draws near. Ask about false labor, cramps and morning sickness. Yes, there are some who still experience morning sickness during this period.

2.Go on a diet.
Seek your doctor’s advice on the right regimen for you. Avoid sweet and salty foods. Eat a huge salad every day, tons of fruit and vegetables, ground flaxseeds and walnuts. Don’t forget a quality prenatal supplement. Don’t overeat or gorge on 7-11 junk food using pregnancy as an excuse. Every bite you take counts and you only need an extra 300 calories a day to grow a healthy, strong baby.

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you should stop exercising. Exercise reduces pain and discomfort which is heightened during the third trimester. Walking and prenatal yoga are excellent prenatal exercises that keep your circulation strong and your body limber and toned. Try to look for the plan you’re most comfortable with so you can reduce those cramps, lower back pains and heavy thighs.

4.Be prepared for the event.
In life, we should always plan for the inevitable. Make sure you have everything covered. Make drills with your husband or anyone involved so that the people around you will remember the details from distant memory. To-do-lists are sometimes torn apart or cannot be found during emergencies. It is crucial during this period to post the hotline numbers of your doctor and/or hospital for ambulance. Keep a bag ready at this point. You don’t want your husband to pack your bag at the last minute. The last thing you need is a pair of thong underwear. If you live a far distance from the hospital, make sure your car from this point on, has a steady supply of gasoline at any time of the day.

5.Join a club or clinic.
Pregnancy is supposed to be a joyful feeling. However, there are pregnant women who experience mild to significant symptoms of depression. Seek a club or clinic nearest you so you can relate to other pregnant women. Share thoughts and tips on how to deal with pregnancy and what to expect especially if it’s your first time. Make it a fun and learning session by bringing your husband or family members with you. You can also look for an online forum where you can freely discuss what you feel and learn from other expectant moms like you. If doing these doesn’t help, seek a therapist who can help you.

6.Live a healthy lifestyle.
Drug abuse is a definite no-no. Furthermore, studies show that up to 25% of pregnant women are abused physically or emotionally leading to premature birth or worst miscarriage. Women should seek help from friends or relatives if they are being abused and should avoid physical abuse at all cost. There are various groups or affiliations across the nation who can help you deal with women abuse. Or you can call National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY). ‘You say to yourself, I live a healthy and positive lifestyle. Nothing could possibly go wrong.’ Think again.

It’s 8am in the office and the start of your third trimester. You’re still working, busy transitioning your work load to a co-worker or boss, and seemed to have forgotten you’re having a baby in a few months time or anytime now. You’re still busy working like there’s no tomorrow. Take a pause and rethink your priorities.

Stress from work could also lead to unwanted results and affect if not hinder the development of your baby. You and your baby need rest so sleep with the right amount of time. Avoid destructive emotional stress. Pregnancy is a delicate time and should be cherished. Remember, you’ve patiently counted for the days, the weeks, and the months just to see and hold your baby in your arms.

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Sheryl’s comment:
Some women choose to forgo the doctor’s visit and do their own prenatal care due to unnecessary tests performed by doctors and midwives and the scare tactics, myths or outright lies they often use that lead to premature birth via induction or C-section. For more information on prenatal myths, check out the following books:

Expecting Trouble by Thomas H Strong Jr.
Pregnancy Myths by Michael D Benson
Common Pregnancy Myths by Graig W Smith

Visit the Pregnancy and Childbirth resource section of Unhindered Living if you are interested in doing your own prenatal care.

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2 Responses to “Dealing With The Third Trimester”

  1. In my opinion more people need to become aware of the effects of drug addiction and alcohol addiction. It is becoming a much more widespread thing. I think that people should promote a healthy active drug and alcohol free lifestyle.

    Drugs and alcohol are a big no no especially during pregnancy. You want to stay healthy and strong.

    Posted by Evan | November 18, 2009, 6:07 pm
  2. I especially agree with consulting your doctor before making dramatic changes or decisions in your life. They know you better than any advice you could receive on the internet of from friends. I also agree with the exercise part. It is very important for a mother to exercise.

    Posted by George | November 30, 2009, 5:25 pm

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