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Helping Your Young Teen Overcome Addiction

Helping Your Young Teen Overcome Addiction

The science is in: a teenager’s brain is more susceptible to drug and other types of addiction than an adult brain. There are a couple of primary reasons for this: ·  A teen brain is still changing and building itself so it is more susceptible to the influence of drugs overall ·  A teen brain […]

Healthy Baby Play: New Mom Fitness Tips

Finding the time to exercise after having a baby can seem like an impossible feat to accomplish. However, incorporating your baby into your exercise regimen can make exercise fun and allow you to spend more time bonding and playing with your child. Mommy and Me Classes Your local fitness club or park district will have […]

Travel Like a Pro with These 10 Necessities for Your Baby

Traveling with an infant can be stressful and make parents rethink their travel arrangements. However, with some careful planning and the right essentials, you and your family can make it a fun and memorable experience. 1. Electronic Gear Before hitting the road, you’ll want to download movies or pack your favorite DVDs. Entertaining your infant […]

Child Obesity Causes

Child obesity levels are on the increase in America and many other countries around the world. As well as having social and psychological consequences, children that are overweight often develop potentially dangerous health problems that can affect them for the rest of their lives. This article discusses the reason for the rise in childhood obesity […]

How To Lose The Baby Weight Without Starving Yourself

Are you currently pregnant and discouraged about getting back into shape after having your baby? Or maybe you’re a new Mom who is exhausted and getting to the gym is the last thing on your mind! Either way, I hope the following tips help you lose that baby weight. I don’t have any fancy initials […]

ER Visits Due to PE Class Up 150%

Source: Aug. 3, 2009 — The number of students who end up in emergency rooms because of physical education class injuries has increased significantly since the late 1990s, according a new study. For the study, published in Pediatrics, researchers analyzed data from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance Study of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety […]

Study Shows Active Preschoolers Healthier Later

Image by via Flickr MedicalNewsToday, 29 Jul 2009- “Being active at age 5 helps kids stay lean as they age even if they don’t remain as active later in childhood, a new University of Iowa study shows. “We call this effect ‘banking’ because the kids benefit later on, similar to having a savings account […]

Outdoor Learning with Sidewalk Chalk

“In today’s society, video games and computers have taken the place of playing outside for many children. Lack of physical activity can lead to obesity and a number of other health problems and children who do not spend enough time playing outdoors are typically deprived of social interactions and natural stimulation. Recent research has found […]

Are You Making Your Child Fat?

Childhood obesity is reaching epidemic proportions. Parents everywhere are struggling to help their children who are gaining weight early and finding it very difficult to lose. Not sure what to do? Afraid you are making things worse by talking about it? Try these tips to coax your little one back to an ideal weight. Author: […]


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