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Kid Friendly Landscaping Plants: Beauty Without the Danger

Many people enjoy improving the aesthetic appeal of their property by using plants and flowers, but it is important to pay attention to the fact that your landscaping choices can actually be dangerous to your children. For example, many plants and flowers that people love to look at are actually toxic, and this could end […]

Following the Rules: Why Proper Car Seat Use Can Save Lives

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), car crashes are one of the leading causes of death for children between the ages of one and 13. As  reminds us, many accidents are cut and dried and little injury occurs, but there are just as many incidents that cause serious harm.   In […]

Baby-Proofing: Did You Think About Everything?

As a mother of a 6 month old baby, I was a little daunted at the sheer volume of work I thought was involved in baby-proofing my home. With the number of variables involved and the risk of a baby proofing product actually doing the opposite rather than helping my cause, I admit I thought it was a […]

Natural Babyproofing

Most of them [poisonings] are preschoolers and occur before lunch and supper when children are hungry or thirsty. Most poisoning occur when products are being used, not while they are stored. Children do not have fully-developed taste buds like adults, so just because something doesn’t taste good, doesn’t keep children away. For child poison safety, […]

Why Eco Parenting is Best

…the umbilical cord carries not only the building blocks of life, but also a steady stream of industrial chemicals, pollutants and pesticides that cross the placenta as readily as residues from cigarettes and alcohol. This is the human “body burden” — the pollution in people that permeates everyone in the world, including babies in the […]

How to Cosleep Safely

by Sheryl Lyon Cosleeping, or using a family bed has a number of advantages for both the parents and their babies. Many parents begin cosleeping to facilitate nighttime breastfeeding or they started bringing their crying newborn to bed with them in the middle of the night just to get some shut eye. Once cosleeping begins […]

Childproofing Your Home

12 Safety Devices For Childproofing Your Home About 2-1/2 million children are injured or killed by hazards in the home each year. The good news is that many of these incidents can be prevented – by using simple child safety devices on the market today. Any safety device you buy should be sturdy enough to prevent […]


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