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Teaching Compassion: Lessons to Learn During the Holidays

Teaching Compassion: Lessons to Learn During the Holidays As the holiday season approaches, feelings of generosity and goodwill toward others awaken in many people. People actively seek ways to help those who are less fortunate and go out of their way to be cheerful and solicitous to other individuals, whether they know them or not. […]

Newborn – Cradle Carry + Nursing (Breastfeeding) in a Ring Sling

Baby Lexa and Kate, owner of A Child’s Garden in Northampton, MA, show us how to do the cradle carry and also how to breastfeed in a Sakura Bloom ring sling. Baby Lexa is 6 weeks old.

Proper Infant Positioning in a Baby Sling

Babywearing Educator, Meg Barry, demonstrates proper infant positioning in a baby sling. Location: A Child’s Garden in Northampton, MA. Sling: Sakura Bloom ring sling.

Homeschooling Driver’s Ed: Much Needed Resources For Parents

Every state has different rules that determine exactly how a teenager will be able to complete the necessary driver’s education courses in order to be eligible for a license. According to, teens face additional pressures when it comes to driving with texting and other distractions. The increase in accidents caused by teens has led […]

Raising a Cultured Child: Tips for Enjoying Art Museums with Your Children

Providing your child with an opportunity develop an appreciation for art will help them with their mental development, and it will also give them a solid base for additional cultural pursuits throughout their life. Therefore, it is a good idea to begin exposing your child to art museums at a young age. However, many young […]


5 Tips to Raise Your Child As a Good Singer

Does your child love to sing? Do you think he/she has the singing voice and the needed ‘X’ factor? If yes, then you may want to work on raising him/her in a special way, so that these talents could lead to a successful singing career one day. The best part? You can do this without […]

Wee Can Too Art Supplies

Wee Can Too began with a stay at home mom looking for a safer and more nutritious art product for her daughter. And, in 2007, Edible Art Supply was born by Sarid Ditton. Knowing that everything ends up in an infant and toddler’s mouth, this momma came up with a line of products made just […]

Believe in Yourself: Wisie Inspirational Video for Raising Children

This Wisie Inspirational Video for Children tells your child, “You are so special, and if you believe you can succeed at what you want to be good at, you’ll do it!” When raising children, parents need to impart life wisdom to their kids for healthy personal development of their children. Wisie inspirational videos for children […]

How To Make a No-Sew Baby Wrap Carrier From T-Shirts

Here will show you how to make a no-sew, wrap style baby carrier using only 3 t-shirts, a piece of yarn, and a pair of scissors. She used 3 old t-shirts she had on hand, but if you want one that is longer lasting and will fit better, then you should use high-quality 100% cotton […]

Four Mins. of Childbirth Education by a Four Year Old

Some pregnancy and birth basics brought to you unscripted and unrehearsed by a real 4 year old. He attended the birth of his sister not long after this video and was a great influence on his younger brother. See them at the birth here:


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