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10 Techniques for Spiritual Alignment

by Jason Randhawa The New Earth exists within you right now. In order to experience a New Earth you must align with its “high” vibrational frequency. Here are 10 easy techniques to help you accomplish this: 1. Trust that you will always be looked after. Act as if there is an infinite non-physical world that […]

Decluttering and Creativity

by Mary McNeil Intuitively the link between decluttering and creativity makes sense doesn’t it? Creativity thrives in the land of new ideas and open thinking, while clutter tends to be characterized by clinging on to old ideas, attitudes, habits and possessions. In order to free yourself up to be fabulously creative, you often need to […]

Feng Shui your Life

An ancient Chinese art of placement, Feng Shui literally translates as ‘wind-water’. This science balances the five elements – earth, metal, water, wood and fire, correcting the flow of energy in your environment thus setting the stage for positive happenings. It has successfully been applied by companies like Walt Disney, HSBC, Citibank, etc. The environment […]

Chiropractors – Saviors or Quacks?

Author: Pete Wyatt Chiropractic medicine is believed to have been around since 1895. Chiropractors believe that joint mobility and anatomical alignment of the spine can exert inconceivable effects on your nervous system. Since the spinal column is so much a part of the nervous system, chiropractors think that manual adjustments can promote and improve the […]

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Electromagnetic Pollution

Taken from “My war on electrosmog:Julia Stephensen sets out to clear the airwaves” May 31, 2007 “When at a loss to explain my new malaise, I visited my naturopath. It may sound unorthodox, but if it works, who cares? She insisted that my exhaustion was caused by electromagnetic “smog” in my flat. The problem, […]

What is Seishindo?

Have you heard of Seishindo meditation? Seishindo attempts to integrate your conscious and your subconscious self through meditation and self hypnosis. The goal is to find your connection to the world through movement and breath which connect all living things together according to the practice. Upon discovering your unique path and connection, your heart, body […]

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Feng Shui Your Bedroom

“…only a few [bedrooms] are considered good feng shui bedrooms and actually conducive to a balanced and vibrant flow of love and sexual energy. The bedroom tends to be one of the most overlooked rooms in the house, while it actually is the most important room, feng shui-wise.” Rodika Tchi – About .com Author: Advice […]


Are EMFs Stealing Your Energy?

“In the 1950’s and 60’s before so many atomic bomb explosions had occurred, the world was in a much more balanced state, with both hemispheres in harmony. Today’s excessive electromagnetic pollution is aided by the destruction of our forests and we have changed our climate to such a degree that even the nature of electric […]


Uses and Benefits of Acupuncture

“Health is a condition of balance of yin and yang within the body. Particularly important in acupuncture is the free flow of Qi, a difficult-to-translate concept that pervades Chinese philosophy and is commonly translated as “vital energy”). Qi is immaterial and hence yang; its yin, material counterpart is Blood (capitalized to distinguish it from physiological […]


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