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Complete the Look! 5 Tips for Better Role Play

Even the happiest of long-term relationships can suffer a drought in the bedroom. Adding sizzle back to your sexual escapades can be stimulating with different role playing activities. While some may see this as something silly, it may just be what the doctor ordered. The following are five tips for better role play. Who will […]

Love and Marriage: Why Sex is an Important Part

Getting married comes with the expectation that you and your spouse will have sex on a regular basis. In fact, some states do not even recognize a marriage as legal and valid until it has been consummated. As you progress through married life, it can be easy to get distracted with all of the other […]

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Video: How Sexual Positions Can Enhance or Prolong Your Experience Sexual positions are more than diversionary techniques. This video explains how even slight changes in position can make a dramatic change in pleasurable sensations which can increase pleasure for the woman or perhaps help the man hang in there longer.

How Men Can Last Longer in Bed

This is a very hands on article from a sexual surrogate therapist and sex “coach” about how men can last longer in bed. It focuses on the sexual relationship, sexual intercourse and prolonging the orgasm to achieve a enhanced level of sexual pleasure for both parties. 7 Tricks for Lasting Longer in Bed. A Crash […]

Tantric vs. Modern Sexuality

Sex, in this unenlightened world is a taboo subject and, instead of being more open minded, our culture is becoming increasingly right leaning and moralistic as demonstrated by the recent suspension of two middle schoolers for hugging. As is the case in any repressed society the pornographic industry is flourishing and the internet is overrun […]

Skip the Viagra, Try Watermelon Instead

If Viagra sales and email spam are any indication, male libido is big business. For men with an interest in the benefits of Viagra, but without the harmful side effects, there is of course a natural solution. According to a recent study, eating watermelon will have the same basic effects as taking Viagra but watermelon […]

Kundalini Awakening

We all have energy within us that is curled up and dormant, like a snake, curling up our spine, waiting to be awakened. This energy is Kundalini. Nothing awakens Kundalini more than allowing your mental chatter of past and future to settle and simply existing in the present. Yoga and meditation practices are especially useful […]

What is Tantric Eye Gazing?

Eye gazing is the practice of staring into the eyes of a partner or yourself via a mirror. It is an ancient tantric practice that will dramatically increase intimacy with your partner by allowing a view of your deeper self and also allowing a powerful exchange of energies. Eye gazing is a natural for new […]

The Sex Chakra

 “Svadisthana: the sex chakra or the Sacral Chakra is located just below the belly button. It governs our creativity, our ability to give and receive, our sexuality, our sense of sensuality and fulfillment, and of course, procreation.” Chakras; To practitioners of tantric sex, it is no mystery that chakras are the energy centers of […]

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Feng Shui Your Bedroom

“…only a few [bedrooms] are considered good feng shui bedrooms and actually conducive to a balanced and vibrant flow of love and sexual energy. The bedroom tends to be one of the most overlooked rooms in the house, while it actually is the most important room, feng shui-wise.” Rodika Tchi – About .com Author: Advice […]


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