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Give Your Kids The World

Give Your Kids The World

There are lots of reasons to want to protect the environment and to preserve the planet. Maybe you’re passionate about animal rights and habitat conservation. Maybe you’re simply tired of paying huge power and other utility bills. Whatever other reasons you might have for wanting to preserve the planet, we can probably all agree on […]

Helping Your Young Teen Overcome Addiction

Helping Your Young Teen Overcome Addiction

The science is in: a teenager’s brain is more susceptible to drug and other types of addiction than an adult brain. There are a couple of primary reasons for this: ·  A teen brain is still changing and building itself so it is more susceptible to the influence of drugs overall ·  A teen brain […]

Natural Parenting - The Best Educational Toys

Natural Parenting – The Best Educational Toys

Choo-Chooooo! In a country dominated by the next big thing in toys, we strive to keep it real with the best of the best. Do you know what our top picks are? You might be surprised. As a large family of 9, you’d think we’d benefit most from shopping at big box stores where we […]

Dad, Give the Gift That Keeps Giving: Plant a Legacy Tree

Despite many couples today enjoying an equal give and take in their relationships with each other, many men still have the protective urge to safeguard and honor their wives and children who bear their last names. Along with providing their kids with a happy and comfortable lifestyle, dads may also want to consider ways that […]


An Empty Nest Doesn’t Mean Holiday Traditions Are Dead

Christmas is once again over. It came and went so fast that I had a hard time preparing everything in time. There were gifts to wrap, goodies to bake, meals to prepare, and a house to clean… It was hard to find a moment to breathe and put things into perspective. One of my favorite […]

Bond with Your Kids This Winter with These Great Tips

As the weather turns cold, more time is spent inside. Not being able to get wiggles out in the yard, kids have to resort to getting them out in the house. If you, the parent, can guide those wiggles into doing something productive, you will not only be able to create a better bond with […]

The Unconventional Activities that made Our Family Bond

There was a fissure in our family for a long while because everyone wanted to do their own thing. It became increasingly apparent when my mom remarried. All of a sudden, there were two new members of the family. However, there were a couple events that seemed to have changed everything. We’re actually doing quite […]

Saving For a Snowy Day

Your children may gleefully celebrate the heavy snow and cold weather that closes their school for the day. However, when your kids have a snow day that keeps them bound at home, you may be faced with the challenge of keeping your children entertained throughout the long winter day. As their excitement and amazement at […]

Healthy Baby Play: New Mom Fitness Tips

Finding the time to exercise after having a baby can seem like an impossible feat to accomplish. However, incorporating your baby into your exercise regimen can make exercise fun and allow you to spend more time bonding and playing with your child. Mommy and Me Classes Your local fitness club or park district will have […]

Is Bullying Assault? What Parents Must Know

Bullying has become one of the hottest topics in the parenting and educational circles. It is a part of growing up that no one likes, and much effort is being placed into stopping or preventing bullying from happening. So much focus has been placed on bullying that, at times, some more drastic cases of bullying […]


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