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Video: G-Diapers – a Cloth/Disposable Hybrid This is a great video about the new G-Diaper which is the only eco-friendly disposable/cloth hybrid on the market today. While I am a very vocal advocate for elimination communication (aka diaper free baby), I also know that going totally diaperless is fairly difficult if you ever shop or travel or pretty much do […]

Elimination Communication: Diaper Free Baby

According to those who use the technique, Elimination Communication is the practice of being responsive to a child’s need to eliminate wastes, and giving him the means to express this need clearly to his caregiver, regardless of his age. It also includes some training, called “cueing” through which the child associates a sound, place, object […]

450 Billion Disposable Diapers a Year

“The facts are staggering. Studies have shown an infant goes through between 7,000 and 8,000 diaper changes before entering potty training. World Watch estimates 450 billion disposable diapers are used each year and contribute nearly 77 million tons of waste to landfills. Even worse, a disposable diaper normally made out of plastics takes around 500 […]

How To Be a Frugal Parent

Can you be frugal and still have everything that your baby really needs? Excellent question! The key is to identify what babies truly need. Advertisers and manufacturers would have you believe that baby needs fancy expensive “stuff” that will keep you in debt until your baby is in college. Not true. Babies need very little […]

Infant Pottying – Is This for Real??

One of the great benefits of natural parenting is the reduced cost. Although it was not my intention to become a hippy parent, I became fairly crunchy as I discovered many attachment parenting methods in an effort save money and streamline my life. As a single mother with very limited resources I was looking for […]

Video: Excellent Overview of Infant Potty Training Those that practice Elimination Communication to potty train babies from birth can either forgo diapers altogether or simply cut back dramatically on their use. Practitioners of EC are able to avoid cloth and disposable diapers altogether, form a closer bond with their infants by learning to communicate from birth, the babies never have to […]

Natural Baby, Poisonous World

This is an excellent article which not only covers the basics of attachment parenting like cosleeping and infant potty training (elimination communication) but also provides information on how to minimize toxins and waste with organic cleaning products and making your own baby food. Many parents do not realize that these are options that benefit the […]

Diaper Free Baby From Birth

Elimination Communication is a growing practice among the natural parenting community in which parents minimize or eliminate the need for diapers by “catching” their baby’s elimination either through timing, cues or non-verbal communication. Can newborn babies do EC? One of the primary arguments against EC, is the claim from “professionals” that state that babies have […]

Eco Friendly and Stylish Diaper Bags

Being an attached parent eliminates the need for a lot of the typical baby gear that most new parents stock up on. If you practice elimination communication, you will need even less “stuff” to carry, most notably, the ubiquitous and often hideous diaper bag. They are unsightly, usually difficult to carry, require an extra arm […]

The Truth About Elimination Communication

by Sheryl Lyon When you first heard about diaper free babies, what was your reaction? Surprise? Disbelief? Jealousy? Annoyed that this was the first time you were hearing about it? Maybe this is the first time you have heard of a diaper free baby. If so, trust me, it is a very real, very natural, […]


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