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A Digital Solution for Weight Management

via Sean McEntee on Flickr

via Sean MacEntee on Flickr

With a great explosion of new technology, smart phones and applications that go with them, more weight and health management solutions are becoming available for consumers everywhere!

Sure, diet and exercise is the best way to stay in shape or, for some, lose weight, however, new applications allow users to simplify their efforts while still reaping the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. If you’re looking into going digital for your weight loss or weight management journey, here are a few new apps that will help accomplish your goals and live a healthier life!

Lose It!

Lose it is an app that has been deemed one of the top 6 mobile apps for weight management. What sets Lose It! apart from all other apps is its ability to store vast amounts of data for food and physical activities. Easy to use, Lose It! allows users to scan barcodes to record nutritional value, build healthy recipes and keep track of energy input and output. The creators of Lose It! offer this amazing app free of charge, and is available for download on Google Play for Android or the Apple App store.

MyFitness Pal

Comparable to Lose It!, My Fitness Pal is definitely one of the most preferred weight loss apps in the market. Reviewed by over 300,000 users, this app comes with a barcode scanner (like most weight loss apps) and a database of over 750,000 thousand foods! Where many apps concentrate on physical activity, this app emphasizes more on dietary needs. My Fitness Pal is free and is available for iPhone and Android.


It’s common knowledge that 75% of weight loss efforts should be focused on a healthy diet. FoodUcate was created to help users on their weight loss journey to understand which foods are healthy and which are not. Simplified, this app rates food through barcode scanners, giving them an A-F grade. If rated unhealthy, this free app also provides users a list of similar, healthier alternatives.


People that have diabetes know how exhausting it can be to keep track of glucose levels. You need to be aware of glucose numbers, activities, insulin dosages and carbohydrate consumption. But some apps, like Glucose Buddy, are not ideal for users who need continuous glucose monitoring.


If you were born to run, RunKeeper is just the app for you. Using state-of-the-art GPS technology, RunKeeper allows users to track their miles while walking, jogging or running, record pace and determine caloric output. Since there are only a few ways to determine how many calories you burn outside of the gym, RunKeeper uses your speed and location to determine an exact caloric count. RunKeeper is available for free on both Android and iPhone.

The world of technology keeps changing, and with change also comes the simplicity of weight and health management. Weight management apps and digital tools are among the most useful ways you can integrate technology into your life.


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  1. Hi Sherryl,

    Very informative post. Weight management plays a key role in weight reduction and monitoring your weight during a weight losing regime will help you plan out how to move forward. And these apps help you out as smart phone are all over the place.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Posted by craniosacral therapy training in mumbai | July 1, 2013, 11:34 am
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