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All Around Green Living: Healthy for Body and Mind?


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All Around Green Living: Healthy for Body and Mind?

It’s more than a color, and it’s no longer a trend. Living green means making choices that affect everything from your home environment to family meals. It doesn’t call for drastic changes, and you’ll find plenty of like-minded people who embrace the benefits of this natural lifestyle. Nurturing Green

The harmony between body and mind has been a focus of personal well-being for centuries. Its mysteries won’t ever be completely solved, but you instinctively know when that important balance isn’t functioning. Lost sleep or excessive worry can take a toll. You can’t control that nocturnal neighbor’s barking dog or the concerns of raising a family. However, going green gives both your body and mind a special inner strength that makes it easier to handle each day. Nurturing this lifestyle starts with simple changes in your home that expand to the dining table and beyond.

Refresh Your Attitude

Green living doesn’t happen overnight, so taking small steps leads to a better understanding of the big picture. As one life coach Houston based says, you need to set goals and clarify what you really want. You never think about those appliances that are always plugged in, but they’re a huge drain on the environment. This is an easy start to disconnecting from overuse, and it’s a natural segue to reassessing old disposable habits around the house. Replacing paper towels and diapers with cloth reduces your landfill footprint while it increases awareness of your recycling opportunities. Once you begin living green, you start thinking green. A fresh attitude is healthy for your body and mind.

Reset the Table

Today’s choices in organic food range from vegan delights to omnivore options, and they’re all healthy alternatives. The dining table is a natural starting point for nurturing your family’s bodies and minds, but what you prepare is only part of the picture. Green cooking also means saving energy by simmering up one-pot meals, using time-saving techniques and stocking up. It’s easier to resist a fast-food run when you have a quick, delicious meal ready to go from freezer to microwave. Support your local farmer’s market with weekly trips for scooping up seasonal fruits and vegetables, and you’ll always have healthy, enticing choices in the pantry.

Expand Your Strategy

Green opportunities are all around you, and some of them are as simple as ordinary household supplies. Cleaning up with eco-friendly products protects both your family and the environment from harmful chemicals. Vinegar and baking soda work wonders on countertops, and natural soaps are easier on your health and the water supply. Recycled products and biodegradable containers aren’t glamorous, but they make a big difference. Going green keeps your world at home healthier, and it treats the planet with respect. Peace of mind is a natural result of knowing that you’re doing your part.

Committing to this lifestyle opens wonderful doors to green ideas, so look for local clubs and support groups that share your new attitude. A life coach can help you make the transition with smart tips and action plans. Your body, mind and soul will rediscover their special, healthy connections when you develop personal strategies for living green.


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Balancing career and motherhood while trying to stay passionate about green living and attachment parenting used to prove too much for writer Melanie Fleury to handle. She found that the advice of others helped her to put things into perspective. can help, whether it be a life coach Houston based or a fitness coach in California, life coaches can help to set and meet goals in your life.

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